A tech recruiter at ESP IT in Minneapolis, MN reviews the resumes of applicants looking for jobs in the local technology job market.
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How to Find a Job in a Booming Tech Market

The technology job market is booming. As businesses grow and adapt in the wake of the last two years, software engineers, technology experts and tech staff are in high demand, to say the least. With opportunities around the country, experienced tech professionals are facing an excellent job market. This may be a great time to…

An open laptop on top of a stack of books, the screen shows ESP IT's website.
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What Your Tech Stack Needs to Stay Competitive

A tech stack is the combination of technologies companies use to build and run its applications. It is comprised of programming languages, frameworks, a database, front-end and back-end tools, and applications connected via application programming interfaces (APIs). Investing in your tech stack is an important way to keep company productivity and efficiency high. Read on…

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9 Interview Questions Every .NET Developer Should Be Prepared to Answer

In the world of IT job or contract gig seeking, we often focus a lot of energy on resumes, technical summaries, networking, and other key facets to landing an interview. While all of these are important, perhaps more important—especially when it comes to in-demand .NET developer positions—is how you handle the interview itself. For many…


5 Steps to Succeed on a Scrum Team as a BA

from ESP Originally written by Trina Silverglate, IT Consultant; Abridged August 2017 In Scrum methodology, the BA is not a defined role, but often companies decide it will be most effective to include one on their teams. Because of the lack of definition around the role, as a Business Analyst Contractor, you can end up…

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10 Reasons to Embrace IoT

All techies hold at least a fundamental understanding of the Internet of Things. Since 2014 especially, the world of sensors, connected devices and increased Internet technologies has exploded—with researchers predicting 30 to 50 billion connected devices by the year 2020. But despite these climbing numbers, some IT pros continue to view the IoT as a…

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Top IT Certifications to Propel Your Career Into 2017

As an IT pro, you already know certifications will distinguish you from the pack. Thequestion is: do you know which certifications hiring managers and project managers are looking for? With so many certifications available to IT pros, it can be hard to determine which one(s) to pursue. And to make matters more complicated, the most…