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How to Find a Job in a Booming Tech Market

The technology job market is booming. As businesses grow and adapt in the wake of the last two years, software engineers, technology experts and tech staff are in high demand, to say the least. With opportunities around the country, experienced tech professionals are facing an excellent job market. This may be a great time to find a job in the technology industry

Even if you weren’t planning on leaving your current job any time soon, it may be worth looking at opportunities. Passive job searching is never a bad idea, especially now. If you are thinking about changing technology jobs, take these steps and learn how to find a job in the booming technology industry

Keep Your Resume Up to Date

No matter what industry you’re in, make sure your resume is always up to date. Even if you aren’t looking for a job, it is important to keep your resume polished, professional and relevant. Add your current technology experience, awards and accomplishments. The technology industry can be a quickly evolving one. Find ways to keep up and stay relevant. And, once you do, be sure to add your skills and experience to your resume. This lets potential employers know you stay current.

If you’re getting into the technology job market, look at relevant job descriptions and see what employers are looking for. Chances are, you meet their requirements already. Make sure your resume reflects similar language and experience to what you see in job descriptions. 

Put your resume somewhere public, as well. Whether you have a LinkedIn profile, a personal website or portfolio, make sure potential employers can find it. Filling a role goes both ways. Employees and hiring managers will both look to find a fit for that role, so keeping your updated resume public will help you find your next job in the technology industry. Or, the job may find you.

Make Connections

During all stages of your career, keep networking. If you haven’t already, join LinkedIn and connect with your colleagues in the technology industry. Stay active at all times, not just during your tech job search. Just like your resume, your LinkedIn profile should be updated and relevant. Post and share your experience and any skills you have picked up during your career. 

What’s even better than making virtual connections is establishing personal relationships with tech colleagues. If possible, attend relevant conferences and use those opportunities to network with others. Take classes and meet professionals in your field. This will make navigating the technology job market that much easier. 

When you are able to collaborate with others, you can share experiences and grow your network and skills. It will also keep you up to date with the goings on and advancements in the industry. Plus, connections often share relevant tech job opportunities with their peers.

Work with a Recruiter

Finally, whether you are actively searching for a new job in the technology industry, or if you are just interested in learning what opportunities are available, a recruiter will be your best resource. Professional recruiters know the technology job market intimately. They’ll walk you through how to find a job in the technology industry that is right for your career goals. 

The best part of working with an IT recruiter is that your job search is discreet. Finding a new job can feel awkward and uncomfortable if you already have a job. IT recruiters work with you to keep your tech job search confidential and professional. 

For active job seekers, recruiters can learn what kind of job you’re looking for, and what kind of company culture you thrive in. Then, they deliver a list of technology opportunities for your consideration. If you’re thinking about starting a new tech job search, a recruiter can help you weigh your options and show you what’s available. 

Partner with ESP

The professional technology recruiters at ESP IT  know how hot the technology job market is. If you’re wondering how to find a job in the booming technology industry, partner with ESP. We work to meet your career goals. Whether you’re just considering changing tech jobs, or if you know where you want to go, we can help. 

Our people-first attitude helps us to match candidates with the right job, not just any job. When you’re ready to find an IT job in Minneapolis and beyond, read about our IT Staffing and Consulting Services or fill out our contact us form.


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