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Is it Time For A Personal Trainer for your Job Search?

Feeling a little discouraged with your job search in 2013?  Make 2014 your year by looking at your job search in a whole new way.  The same way a personal trainer can help you start a healthy and effective workout plan, a recruiter can help get you on the path to a healthy and effective job search.  Below are some questions and suggestions to creatively shake up your job search in the new year.
What does qualified really look like? 
Several articles in 2013 discussed the issue of under-qualification in your job search.  How many times have you looked at a job listing and thought, “I would be perfect for that job” but because you are missing a few, albeit important, qualifications you pass on the opportunity and do not even apply?  It’s like going to the gym and seeing the machine that you don’t know how to use and thinking, “I’m not going near that”.  It could be the machine to work those muscles you’re trying desperately to find and you just need someone to show you how to use it.  If you are already having trouble finding a job while searching for positions you qualify for why would you reach even higher?  That’s where a recruiter comes in.  They can help you highlight the skills that you already have and advocate for you with prospective employers about your capacity to learn and contribute.
The next time you see that perfect job, talk to your recruiter and apply.  They’ll help you highlight the key areas of your resume that illustrate how your experience would match up nicely with that position and company.
 How private is my information?
A great deal has changed in the last ten years when it comes to the amount of information that is available to others about you.  Around a third of all employers and many recruiters are using social media to learn more about job candidates.  What does that mean for you?  Do you want to look for a recruiter or do you want a recruiter to find you? While looking for a job, take a moment to consider what information is actually private.  Google yourself to see what information, posts, or pictures are visible to the public—and to your potential future employer.
Be intentional with your social media platforms. Help employers and recruiters find you.  Edit your privacy settings or remove questionable content from your profile. If you leave things visible to the public (or even friends of friends—you never know how you might be connected), make sure to use correct grammar and punctuation, a professional looking or conservative photograph, and positive messaging.  Never speak ill of a current or previous employer as this reflects poorly on you, and; hiring managers are usually looking for a positive addition to their company.
How can I effectively network to find my job?
Don’t be afraid to use your social network to your advantage.  Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, family, and friends to help keep their ears and eyes open for your next job.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing a broad post to your entire network, privately message individuals providing them with information about the type of job you are looking for and a resume.  Use technology-specific LinkedIn groups, local networking groups, or join industry related chats to broaden the scope of your job search. Make and take the opportunities to meet with individuals of the company where you would like to work.
If you’re still having trouble finding someone within your network to make connections, this is another way in which recruiters can be helpful: they have the connections you need to find a job.  A recruiter works to build positive relationships with companies and with professionals.  They have a unique vantage point to connect you with the right job.
We can’t always achieve our goals alone.  Sometimes we need a trainer telling us that we can, in fact, give 10 more sit-ups when we feel that we might die.  Other times, we need a mentor, friend, or recruiter that can show us that we haven’t exhausted every avenue in the job search.  A plan and a trainer can be all that you need to move from stagnate to successful at the gym or in your job search.


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