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Identifying Personality Traits in the Interview

When it’s time to hire a new employee there are a few requirements that come standard. Is the person technically qualified?  Do they have a good track record? Do they seem like they’ll work well with the other members of the team? Sometimes a candidate meets all of those requirements but you still don’t know if they are the right fit.  The challenge is discovering if they will benefit your company in the long run. We think the following three qualities are key to finding a lasting employee for your organization.
Knowledge Seeking
Finding out if the candidate is a learner helps you discover if this person is going to seek knowledge or simply absorb what they are given. Look at their previous work or education experience and ask about what they learned and how they did so. The curiosity of the candidate is important for your company to move forward and continuously grow.
Positive Attitude
Everyone should be ‘on’ during their interview. The tough part is uncovering their attitude in day-to-day work and their general outlook on life. The best way to uncover this is to ask your candidate questions about their past positions that aren’t typical. Discovering why they wanted to leave a company and how they reacted in adverse situations will help you determine whether the candidate will carry a positive attitude into the workplace.
Taking Initiative
This is someone who will not only ask question in and out of the interview, but someone who is willing to take action. This can be found by asking for stories about times when the person volunteered for something, started a project or solved a problem. Being a true self-starter is important to your organization on every level, it allows for new ideas and better practices to be created in an environment where people feel comfortable sharing ideas.
As culture fit becomes more important for organizations and job seekers alike, knowing how to interview for a good culture fit is essential. By keeping these three qualities in mind through the interview process, you’ll be able to work questions into the conversation that will help you find out if the candidate possesses these traits. Candidates will rarely meet 100% of your checklist requirements, but the personality of a new hire cannot be taught, so look for a candidate who will fit into your culture while also bringing a fresh perspective of learning, growing and positivity.


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