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It’s 2022 and, Yes, We’re Still Talking About Optimizing Hybrid Workspaces

If your business was ahead of the curve, you may have started discussing hybrid work models before 2020. Early in that year, however, the concept was thrust onto the mainstage – for obvious reasons. Now, those that have not converted to hybrid models, especially technology-based firms, are falling behind the times. Switching to hybrid offers numerous benefits, such as lower costs, increased flexibility, and an augmented sense of freedom for your employees.

However, implementing hybrid models can take some serious effort and entail growing pains. If your business is considering the shift but you have reservations, here are some key considerations to keep in mind.

Consider the Benefits

Throughout the pandemic, many business leaders came to realize that they simply did not need as many in-office man-hours as they had previously thought. As workers were forced to work remotely due to safety precautions, it became clear that work can indeed still be done, and many businesses continued to thrive.

The advent of this forced reconsideration of remote or hybrid models brought the benefits of such a workplace into the spotlight. If a business could have 50% of their workforce working remotely at any one time, they could hypothetically downsize to a much smaller office, decreasing rent enormously. For those that could go fully remote, leases could be cancelled altogether. The substantial cost savings that hybrid models offer should not be ignored when it comes to considering them.

Flexible work schedules are also one of the most highly-touted benefits employees look for during the job application process. By shifting your employees to a hybrid model, you are affording them the benefit of working from their own home, allowing them more flexibility to move to a more suitable location farther from the office, as well as structure their days more freely. This can increase general morale and the impression your employees have of the company. If your business is looking for a mental health boost, a hybrid model could be the trick.

Leadership Sets the Tone

Whichever direction your firm goes, be cognizant of the fact that the leaders often set the tone for the rest of the group. If your managers are accustomed to working from home already, the shift to hybrid can be seamless. However, if old-school leaders rarely spend a day away from the office, you may face more difficulty in attempting to convince them to skip their commute. Whatever the desired policy, be sure that leadership is onboard and willing to actively take part.

Ensure Your Staff Is Supported – and Heard

The flip side of the flexibility benefit of the hybrid model is that co-workers spend much less time together in person. This can lead to a drop in camaraderie, as well as a fizzling of communication channels. When implementing a hybrid model, take the time to consider how daily workflows and methods for resolving issues and disputes will be affected. Set up systems that allow your employees to be just as supported and heard while working remotely.

If you can manage to keep your team healthy and happy while working remotely, the benefits begin to outweigh the costs.

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