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Relocation to the Twin Cities: It’s a Good Move

Our CEO, a Florida native and long-time resident and fan of Minnesota, drew attention to a recent Star Tribune article discussing why workers choose the Twin Cities for their career. As a fellow Minnesota transplant, the article naturally piqued my interest. I then realized about half of our office staff are originally from out of state. The other half are Twin Cities super fans.  Read about the ESP team’s reasons for loving Minnesota, the publications that confirm what we all already know, and check out the infographic showing why relocating to the Twin Cities (or staying here) is a good move.

It’s a Great Place for Careers

I moved to Minnesota for school – I went to the U of M but I stayed in MN because I had such a good experience in college and had networked heavily in college that I had many opportunities already in play here in Minnesota.” ~ Amy, Account Coordinator – Minnesota Transplant

The Twin Cities is ranked in the top 10% of Forbes list of The Best Places For Business and Careers in 2014 at #17 of 200 metropolitan areas in the United States. Within that list, Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked 18 in education.  These are two great reasons why someone should move here for their career.  Learn here and stay here or come for a great career opportunity.
It’s First-Rate for Business
I was initially drawn to Minnesota for college because of the Scandinavian influences, and believe it or not, the weather. The culture and the change of seasons reminded me of my year in Sweden where I met and fell in love with my wife.  I stayed here because of the variety of industries, the many fortune 500 companies, and the well-educated and highly skilled workforce.” ~ Bob, CEO of ESP – Minnesota Transplant
Minneapolis is home to 17 Fortune 500 Companies making it first on the list of the top 30 largest Metropolitan areas in the number of Fortune 500 Companies per capita. With over 35 colleges and universities in the Twin Cities, it’s no wonder the workforce is so well educated.  Out of Slates top earning 15 cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul is the only city not on a coastal line.  This makes it unique in its level of income and geographic location. It also has a lower disparity of incomes than many other states in the United States.  Another plus, The Twin Cities has a cost of living 1.6% below the national average, meaning your salary goes farther.
It’s the #1 State for Women in America
There are many other good reasons why Minnesota rocks, including it being a city with great opportunities for women” ~ Alexis, Recruiting Coordinator  –  Life-Long Resident
The Washington Post published an article stating that Minnesota is the best state for Women in America, based on a report by the nonprofit Institute for Women’s Policy Research.  The 50 states were graded on seven independent reports; Minnesota ranked within the top 10 of each report.  Minnesota tops the health and well-being report at first. The reports ranged from political participation to work and family.
It’s Techy Nice
I love that we have a truly vibrant technology community. Minnesota has many opportunities from which to choose: great companies, a well-networked town, interesting activities to keep you busy in the summer and winter (if you can embrace winter), an appreciation for farming and local, sustainable food, easy access to just about anywhere from MSP airport, and probably more if I thought on it longer…Was Minnesota good for my career? Yes – not at first, but definitely the longer I’ve been here. I’ve worked in several metro areas and geographies (L.A., Orange County, Seattle, Honolulu) and the Twin Cities market is perhaps the most tight-knit, networked area within which I’ve worked. It’s hard to break in, but once you do, you can build some very meaningful and solid relationships.” Denise, Director, Business Development – Minnesota Transplant
We may not be Silicon Valley, but we are a great place for IT professionals and businesses alike.  In fact, Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked 18th on the Best places for tech jobs in 2015 list compiled by NerdWallet.  The University of Minnesota’s Computer Science program ranks 29th out over 100 schools. The Minnesota High Tech Association, along with other nonprofits, work to advance technology in the Star of the North. An unexpected benefit: Minnesota’s cold climate makes it a prime place for data centers.
It’s Most Excellent for Families
MN is a great place to raise a family.  It’s clean, has awesome schools, and is generally safe” ~ Kelli, Controller – Life-Long Resident
Zip Reality ranks Minneapolis-St. Paul as the #1 city for families.  For the last 9 years, Minnesota students have outperformed the nation with top ACT scores and more students meeting the four academic benchmarks. It’s also considered America’s healthiest city and a top 10 Best City to Live In. People come for more than a job. They know it will be good for them and their families as well.
It’s Art, Music, and Theater Scene is Off the Hook
I admit I’m biased, but Minneapolis is the best place to live. It has all the cultural offerings of a big city —art, music and theater—without the terrible traffic.”~ AnnaLisa, Director of Marketing – Life-Long Resident
North East Minneapolis was ranked the Best Art District in 2015 from USA Today.  The Twin Cities have many museums, some of which are free to the public. Minneapolis has more theater seats per capita than any other city in the United States, excluding New York. Do you find it hard to believe we have great music scene? Prince, Bob Dylan, the Andrews Sister and Morris Day all hail from the fair state of Minnesota.  Not to mention, Minneapolis is home to First Avenue and 7th Street Entry, an icon and landmark for many musicians.
It Should Almost Be Called the Land of 10,000 Parks
I moved to Minnesota for university, but what really kept me around is the city life.  Minneapolis-St. Paul has an amazing amount of parks and incredible access to nature for a big city. It’s a super walkable and very “bike-friendly” city. More importantly, the people here know how to take advantage of good weather. The culture really is to be outside at every opportunity.” ~ Emily, Marketing Communications Specialist – Minnesota Transplant
Minneapolis has been ranked in the Top five of the 50 Most Bike-Friendly Cities for the last 5 years, and is the only US city to be named in the 20 Most Bike-Friendly Cities on the Planet. 94% of Minneapolitans live within a 10 minute walk of a park and for two consecutive years, Minneapolis has been number 1 on the United States list for Cities Whose Residents have the Best Access to Greenspace. Oh, and the Twin Cities is also the most active metropolitan area in the country.
It’s Squeaky Clean
I traveled a lot in the Navy and have seen many cities. One of the things that brought me back to the Twin Cities is simply how clean it is compared to other cities.  There’s almost no litter along the highways, the streets are clean, and there’s very little graffiti or billboards cluttering your view.” ~ Ken, Director, Business Development –  Life-Long Resident
Travel and Leisure Magazine ranks Minneapolis and Saint Paul as 2014’s cleanest city in America. It is also thought of by many as the City of Murals with vibrant artwork on buildings, walls, and fences throughout the city keeping the streets beautiful.
If all of the words of my coworkers and I don’t convince you, consider these 31 things, Google “why you should move to MN”, then make your decision.  We hope you join us on the cold side soon.

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