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Growing Demand for IT Pros in Minneapolis

It’s no surprise to us that IT professionals in MN are in high demand.  According to Wanted Analytics, Minneapolis saw an increase of 18% in job postings this April over a year ago. Technology is among the most demanded occupations, and one of the hardest to fill as it requires a high level of skill. Java Developers, Project Managers, and Business Analysts are within the top 10 most-posted jobs in April in the Minneapolis.

Recently, Web Applications Developer was named ‘Best Computer Job for the Future‘. It is a hard to fill position due to the variety of skills required in order to do the job but obviously in high demand due to the popularity of smart phones and tablets.

While it is good news for the Twin Cities that hiring for technology roles is on the rise, finding qualified candidates to fill the jobs is getting more and more difficult.

For companies to get the best candidate, they need to offer competitive wages and packages to their prospects, and move quickly to ensure the candidate doesn’t get hired by someone else.
IT professionals, knowing they are in demand, should take advantage of training opportunities and take positions and contracts that will give them opportunity to grow in their careers.


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