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Back to School Apps for your A+ Student

September is almost here and that means it is back-to-school time yet again.  Procrastination, organization, and scheduling don’t have to be the most challenging part of your student’s school year.  With that in mind we thought we’d highlight some great apps to help your students start the school year off strong.  We’ve shared some top apps for organizing, scheduling, and keeping on task below:
Apps for Getting Organized
Track exams, assignments, class schedules and more with My Study Life.  If your child needs to track their progress on assignments or be reminded of upcoming papers or exams, download this extension.  The application even allows them to store specific information about the class- including teacher’s names.  My Study Life also offers mobile apps that syncs with their computer to really help keep them on task no matter where they are.  And it’s free.
Does your student keep small written notes everywhere or constantly ask you if you remember the details to an assignment?  Try Google Keep to digitally store all those scribbled notes.  Better than a Post-It, these notes can color coded, archived, and can’t be lost.  Keep your student organized with this free extension or app.
Apps to Conquer Procastination
Should distraction or procrastination be your child’s middle name?  Try Study Buddy, the app that keeps a record of your distractions and the length of each distraction.  Your students can learn their study habits to help them achieve more this school year.  Breaks are still an important part of the study process, so use this app to set alarms that let them know when break time has ended. Just over a dollar, this app will have your student finding the perfect balance.
Is your student prone to Tweeting and Pinning when they should be researching or writing?  Cold Turkey is an app for the student who procrastinates.  This app may be more appealing to a parent than a student, but it definitely helps the procrastinating master.  Cold Turkey is an application that blocks websites and other applications for a set period of time.  And the best part, it’s not easy to get around unless your student has some excellent computer skills.  Check out this free app to see if your student can finally conquer their procrastination woes.
Apps for Keeping Schedules Straight
Remembering a new class schedule can be difficult enough but what about organizing homework assignments?  StudyMinder offers students a way to track homework for multiple classes and offers popup reminders, a calendar, and other student planning features.  Students can keep on track with this app. Try it out for a free 30 days and see if it is the tool they’ve been looking for.
iStudiez Pro is a scheduling app to help your student be at the right place at the right time. This app allows a variety of schedules whether classes repeat or change on a weekly basis.  This scheduling tool even allows your student to store important notes, teacher’s emails, or professors’ office hours.  At $3.00, this app will help your child schedule days and keep track of assignments easily.
Make this a great start to the new school year with these technology tools by helping your student enjoy their school experience.  Direct their focus on learning and classes and less on the stress of making it all happen.  Whether they’re in high school or college, these apps can help them keep organized and develop good study habits.

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