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Get Your Resume Noticed: Use The Top To Get To The Top

To make a great impression, focus on the top portion of your resume.  Recruiters and hiring managers are busy folk so show how great you are and make their job easier by keeping these 4 tips for the top in mind before submitting your resume.

1. Executive summary. 

Executive summaries can be very difficult to write; it’s not easy to summarize your career goals, winning personality, and culture fit in 1-2 sentences. But particularly for IT consultants, who may have a long list of experience, the summary is essential for helping you stand out and making it clear to those reviewing your resume where your experience lies. Be specific.  Are you a developer with 8 years of experience in financial services? Include that in your summary.  Make sure that this statement conveys a clear message about who you are and is tailored for the role.

2. IT Skills.

Skills are an important aspect of your resume and should be highlighted at the top of your resume.  List your skills directly under your executive summary.  Pro tip: List only the skills that you have mastered, not everything that you have ever done. No one person is an expert in 7 different coding languages or all the project management styles, so let your real expertise shine in your skills summary.  Promoting your skills at the top of your resume will also be beneficial with highlighting key words within your resume right away.

3. Keep it to the left.

It can be tempting to try to make your resume unique or more interesting by centering the page, right aligning, etc.  However, the only thing this accomplishes is making your resume more difficult to read.  Begin your resume with a bolded header and keep it aligned to the left.

4. White Space: Less is more.

Don’t over populate the top of your resume with unneeded information.  Be concise and direct; this will help the reader to focus on the really important details you are showcasing.
Keep the top of your resume in tip-top shape.  Good organization and relevant information will help your recruiter or hiring manager know what you are able to do and how you can be a great fit.  Catch their eye right away and they’ll want to keep reading the rest of your resume.

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