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Technology Superheroes: Which Avenger are you?

As an IT Consultant, you may not consider yourself a Superhero but you do often save the day for your company and end users alike. Think of yourself as an Avenger defeating the evil Ultron, except you’re defeating bad code, cyber threats, and other tech foes. With so many opportunities to battle the enemies of tech, how do you choose which Avenger you want to be? We think each Avenger has unique super powers and personality traits that make them a great fit for some of the growing industries for information technology. Read below to determine which industry you’re uniquely qualified for and choose which superhero you want to be.


Captain America personifies the American dream; what’s more American than opportunity?  Online Retail is a growing industry with a need for IT professionals and a myriad of skills.  Languages, technologies, and frameworks vary from retailer to retailer making an IT job in retail open to almost any IT professional.  Online retail is especially in need of consultants who can effectively run e-commerce and synthesize big data to best serve their clientele. If analysis isn’t your forte, IT pros can also develop and maintain large websites or help streamline the shopping experience. Are you able to lead your retail team to victory?

BLACK WIDOW | Digital Marketing

As a highly trained spy, the Black Widow has learned how to glean information and sell a persona.  Digital Marketing has a need for IT consultants to assist in a variety of areas, including brand development through collection and analysis of big data, digital analysis, and application development. If you want to be a hero like Black Widow, be familiar with front end development skills such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Experience with SaaS will also help you with your spy game.  Marketing is becoming a lot more technical. Are you the hero to save the day?

IRON MAN | Technology Companies and Startups

Tony Stark could be the mascot for IT. Technology companies, especially startups, require a propensity for innovation, risk, trial and error, and exploration into the unknown. There are many new technology focused businesses emerging in this tech market.  Familiarity with MySQL, MongoDB, Postgre, and SQL databases will help you get in the door at Stark Industries.  Along with knowledge in databases, proficiency in node.js, Ruby on Rails, Python/Django, PHP, and Java will help you be a hero when a startup is getting off the ground.  Working for a startup won’t be easy.  You’ll have to be a brave hero ready to take risks.

SCARLET WITCH | Financial Services

Scarlet Witch is a hero who is able to read others minds, sway the will of others, deflect objects, stop the momentum of projectiles, open doors, explode objects, create force fields, and more. With such a variety of powers, it’s easy to see how she can be compared to the financial industry.  An IT pro in this industry must know many different aspects of technology and finance.  Whether the goal is security, efficiency, or digital currency, technology is an ever growing part of the financial industry.  The financial industry is looking for Developers, Analysts, Engineers, and QA’s. Experience in scripting Advanced Perl, Python, Shell, and SQL will serve an IT consultant well in Finance.  Knowledge of tools like Puppet, Rally, and JIRA will also be beneficial to a hero serving this sector. Whether you’re keeping the financial industry safe from hackers or creating a comfortable website for visitors to explore, you’re skills as a hero are needed.

HULK | Healthcare

As a physicist, Bruce Banner has to pay special attention to detail; as the Hulk he utilizes great strength to save the day. As healthcare and IT becoming increasingly intertwined, IT pros need to be ready to flex their muscles and their brains when it comes to working in this industry. Project Managers, Systems Analysts, and IT/technical management professionals top the list for needed roles in healthcare. Certifications desired in the healthcare industry include: MCSE, MCP, and PMP. The more streamlined and advanced medicine becomes, the more the need for technology professionals grows. Are you interested in using your muscles in this the industry?

You might not be creating gadgets that help you fly around, using a super-disc to knock out bad guys, or defeating your enemy through your powers of persuasion, but as an IT pro, you’re a superhero in your own right. With so many options to pursue, you should feel confident that your skills are in high demand in the current market. How will you use your technical superhero skills?


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