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Tech Incentives to Attract Talent

Many companies offer great incentives to their employees. However, the tech industry seems to be the most unique in their offerings.  Of course big companies like Google and Microsoft are able to offer some great incentives but smaller technology departments and tech startups are offering some great perks too. Check out some of the top incentives for tech pros- some of which you might recognize from our Salary Survey:

Free Food

People gotta eat.  Many tech companies offer access to kitchens stocked with snacks.  Some businesses even provide all three meals to their employees.  Whether you’re feeding your employees an organic omelet or subsidizing healthy choices in the cafeteria, free food seems to be a must.


IT professionals enjoy the convenience of on-site fitness centers and top tech companies offer just that.  You don’t have an Olympic sized pool at the office? That’s okay. Tech pro’s seem to be pretty happy with a fitness stipend too.

Bring A Pet To Work

Why not boost morale at work and allow employees to bring their pets to work? Established tech companies and start-ups often allow pets at the office.  Who doesn’t want to see that cute little Scottie trotting down the hallway?

Flex Time and Unlimited Vacation

Big Companies and startups alike are ditching the old fashioned notions of tracking vacation time.  The new motto: take the time you need to recharge. Many IT professionals are drawn to this incentive.  Flex time is also an important perk for many pros who like the flexibility of being able to watch their child’s baseball game or work remotely.

As with anything, the incentives should go along with your company culture.  Your tech incentives should serve a grander purpose than attracting talent.  Great incentives make the office more inviting but also help with productivity and work-life balance.  You don’t need to be Google and build bowling alleys and bocce ball courts in your office space, but you may want to think about adding some of these incentives tech pros want most to not only entice the top talent in IT but to retain them as well. If you already do this, give yourself a little pat on the back, and think of what else you can do to keep your IT guys and gals productive and happy.


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