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Making the Most of the Gig Economy Through Strong Partnerships

Scaling Resource Solutions
The buzzword of 2018 could very well be the “gig economy.”  Professionals are changing the way they work – contract work, consulting, freelance, the list goes on. The shift of employment preference can be used to a company’s advantage. Consulting services help companies scale their projects, bringing in the resources they need to complete successful business solutions. The most successful projects include resources that are both technically qualified and fit into the culture and workflow of a team.
Partnering with organizations skilled in building teams and staffing can be a great move for companies. It gives the opportunity to work with fully vetted contractors who are well taken care of – a good staffing firm provides talent with competitive benefits, salary, and a caring, personal touch.
What does it mean to us to be your partner? A partner acts as an extension of your team, helps to alleviate the burden of countless hours of vetting, and ensures that consultants can ramp up quickly to make an immediate impact.  Many clients have told ESP that the shift from a staffing firm to a true “partner” is both a significant value-add and differentiator. ESP’s process puts more onus on us to deliver because it speeds up talent acquisition. Another part of the process that is key to the success of a project is the continued engagement of the same consultants throughout the duration of a project. Keeping the same team together helps keep projects on time and within budget.  It also allows an organization to scale quickly.  Working with a company like ESP IT means you are getting the highest quality candidates who aren’t in a hurry to jump to the next project or follow the biggest dollar because we take care of our consultants.
We hope you find a great partner as you transition your hiring practices for 2020 and beyond. We specialize in building teams from 1 – 30 consultants quickly and effectively.  If you think it’s time to partner with ESP, contact us today!


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