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The Most Sought-After Qualities in an IT Professional

If your business has ever experienced the rollout of a new technology system, undergone a physical relocation, dealt with a data breach, or weathered even minor technical difficulties, then you know the importance of a prompt and qualified IT professional. In times of growth, development, and immediate need, businesses rely on their IT teams to maintain the smooth functionality of their technical capabilities.

With more workers opting for remote environments, burgeoning cybercrime, and the advent of more and more technical automation, the demand for the right IT professional is higher than ever. When hiring them, here are the key attributes that business leaders look for.

Logic and Pragmatic Skills

Information technology involves the integration of various complex systems that must work harmoniously at once. When determining how these systems will interact, and how they are built, repaired, and maintained, an IT professional needs to have a firm understanding of the operations of each component. Especially if working in network architecture, knowledge requires a natural ability to understand the inner workings and complexities of hardware and software, an inherently logical and pragmatic field.

Problem Solver

Flowing naturally from a logical mind, a successful IT professional will need a keen ability to identify problems and implement solutions. A team member working on an information security project, for example, must be able to quickly identify and quell threats to the security of the firm’s systems and data.

Observant / Detail-Oriented

In the tech world, problems can be caused by tiny inconsistencies or errors that only the trained eye and mind would notice. A single line of code, misplaced parentheses in a formula, or the slight misordering of commands can lead an entire system to function incorrectly. Successful IT technicians need to be highly observant and alert.

Strong People Skills

From the time you first interview for the job, your interpersonal skills will play a more important role in your success as an IT professional than you might realize. Especially if you are a support specialist, your ability to empathize with and understand people will be paramount as you interact with your team. Additionally, being able to articulate a relatively complicated technical concept in easily understandable terms to your colleagues will prove a valuable skill.

Team Player

Information technology is a team sport. It involves the coordination of architecture, infrastructure, engineering, data management, security, and support professionals who are all operating on different planes but towards the same goal. Professionals in this environment will need a strong team dynamic in order to thrive. Those who can work effectively with others and collaborate seamlessly will be rewarded with fewer interpersonal issues and a positive company culture.

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