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Make A Big Bang In Your Interview

Having the right equation can make all the difference in your job search.  Take some of these lessons from the Big Bang crew to make positive and long lasting impression with your interviewer, from making a bold move to learning the right non-verbals. We have some insight from all your favorite characters for your next interview.

What we learn from Leonard:

Leonard may fit into the “nerd” or “geek” category, but he’s constantly open to trying new things, even encouraging his friend and roommate, Sheldon, to break out of his rigid routine. Break out of your normal routine for job searching.  Take a chance and go after a job that might be “out of your league”.  Interviewing for a job out of your league requires you to stretch yourself and prove you have what it takes.  In your interview, make a bold move by sharing how you can be a successful addition to the company.  It’s often bold moves that impress an interviewer.

What we learn from Sheldon:

While it’s important to know a lot about your industry and field, it is equally important to know you’re not the smartest person in the room.  Sheldon may have a high IQ and an eidetic memory, but he isn’t a master in everything, just take a look at how he behaves socially. Body language is very important when you are interviewing.  It not only shows interest in the job but it can also help you establish trust and build a rapport with your interviewer.  Being able to interact with others is as much of an asset as knowledge.  Sheldon works at learning social norms whether it is for proper body language or gift giving. Practice your body language in the mirror to master your business body language and be sure you understand the “social protocols” of interviewing.

What we learn from Howard:

Howard is a case study for how not to behave. Be careful to consider others when making jokes or comments. It’s also important to remember that the way you talk about past experience is vital to the impression you leave with your interviewer.  Be sure to not belittle coworkers, refuse to give others in the team credit for what they’ve accomplished, or say negative remarks about a previous employer.  And, dress for success is not just a mantra.  It’s important to dress appropriately for an interview.  You want to stand out, but not because you’ve worn a turtleneck dickey or said something offensive in the interview.

What we learn from Raj:

Don’t freeze! When surrounded by his male peers, Raj exudes confidence, but put a woman in the room and he is unable to say a word.  Sometimes the pressure of interviewing, or an unexpected question, can leave us feeling inarticulate or even speechless as nerves begin to take over.  Prepare before the interview by researching possible questions and preparing.   Learn calming strategies, like breathing or meditation, to settle your nerves.  Using strategies like these can help you overcome the pressure or nerves of an interview and lead to a job.

What we learn from Penny:

Penny illustrates how passion for a career will help you achieve your dreams. Passion about a job and/or company in an interview will help you stand out from the competition.  Show your enthusiasm and excitement about a position when answering and asking questions. Avoid looking apathetic or uninterested in the job or company you are interviewing to work for.  Not feeling hyped for your interview? Try a power stance to get you in the right frame of mind.

Almost the entire crew of The Big Bang Theory may have doctorate degrees, but you don’t need a PhD to do well in an interview.  Implement some of these tips and put the Bazinga! in your next interview.


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