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Go Phish: Protecting Your Data Reminders

During COVID-19, everyone is spending a lot more time and money online: mobile delivery apps, online shopping, working-from-home, and just browsing. And just like all other things digital, hacking has soared: 

Ordering groceries online and enjoying takeout and delivery means your personal information, including your payment details are especially vulnerable to hackers, third-party service providers, or even politically motivated state actors. It’s especially important to convey the gravity of protecting your data to your family and employees. Here are some quick and easy tips you can share with your family and employees so they’re equipped to protect their data:

1. Set a strong password for each app and website 

Always stress the importance of creating strong passwords and never using the same one across websites or devices to your family and employees. If possible, encourage them to lock their phone with a fingerprint, Touch ID, or face identification. To keep track of all of your password combinations, use a password manager. 

2. Keep your software up-to-date

Mobile phone operating system updates improve your software’s performance, this includes security. These updates will secure both iOS and Android devices against new threats from newly discovered threats. 

3. Beware of unsecure wifi 

Even though free wifi saves us data, it’s important to be wary of insecure networks. If you’re using public wifi, make sure to connect to a VPN first, this will protect your location and your information from hackers. 

4. Encrypt your data

Encryption scrambles personal data so no one else can understand it without a key. It’s not only important for protecting information on your computer, but also for ensuring texts and emails on your phone aren’t being hacked.

As we spend more time online, it’s important to remember that the basics of online safety do not change. Use these tips to provide a strong foundation for your digital security, as we think about the “new normal” and how the internet takes a central role in our lives, extra steps are necessary to further reduce risk. 

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