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ESP IT Gives Back By Partnering With The Jeremiah Program

ESP IT Gives Back By Partnering With The Jeremiah Project

One of ESP IT’s 25 principles of our motto, Placing People First, is “Give Back to the Community.” In October, Our staff was extremely fortunate to be able to participate in the Cook for Kids service opportunity through the Jeremiah Program. 

About The Jeremiah Program

The Jeremiah Program is changing lives. They offer one of the nation’s most successful strategies for transforming families from poverty to prosperity. The Jeremiah Program provides single mothers with time and the resources they need to pursue a career-track college degree. The program supports these women and their families with an affordable place to live, early childhood education, and life skills training. With locations across the United States, the Jeremiah Program has helped over 1,700 families in five states and counting. 

Serving Up Service

Our employees took an evening to help support this process by cooking at Jeremiah’s Minneapolis location. They provided ‘home’ cooked meals to the families so that mothers could focus their energy on life skills training provided by Jeremiah staff. We had a blast preparing dinner, as well as meeting so many wonderful women and their amazing children. ESP IT believes that compassion is a big part of creating lasting relationships both at work and in life. Seeing our employees enjoying cooking together and serving the meal they had prepared, we could feel that connection being made. 

Doing Our Part

ESP IT was drawn to the Jeremiah Program because of its strong ideals and commitment to Minneapolis. At ESP IT, we know a thing or two about strong ideals. We have been placing jobs in the Twin Cities area for over 50 years. When when we lift up the city, we believe everyone benefits. We strive to provide a better experience for our clients and candidates and to make Minneapolis a better place to live. If you have any questions about who we are, or what ESP IT stands for, please contact us at 612.337.3000. 


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