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Tech on Tap 2021: Ecommerce Security

In early February 2021, ESP IT hosted ‘Tech on Tap.’ Tech on Tap provides an opportunity for local technology leaders to come together to discuss current topics, make meaningful connections, and learn about relevant issues that challenge us all.  Normally, this event brings Minneapolis tech leaders together to enjoy a pint and share ideas at our new North Loop location. However, due to the pandemic, we hosted this event virtually this year.

Our recent session was a panel discussion on the relevant topic of ecommerce security, as cyber-attacks have risen 300% during the pandemic. Our event was moderated by Irish Titan’s Founder and CEO, Darin Lynch, with a panel of speakers including: 

  • Justin Morou, the Head of Channel and Technical Sales, from Magento
  • Aaron Thayer, Global Lead of Customer Deployment, from Sygnified
  • Mea Clift, Lead Associate, from Booz Allen Hamilton

Ecommerce Security in 2021 and Beyond

Our moderator, Darin Lynch, opened a discussion about tech and emerging trends in malware, IT buying relationships, and building a culture of security. The panel discussed and examined how much more important ecommerce security has become during the pandemic. 

Ecommerce grew at an exponential rate in 2020 due to most of the consumer economy shifting to online due to the pandemic. In 2021, it’s highly unlikely that this trend will reverse. With this in mind, businesses and consumers need to plan how they will scale, grow, and protect their data and their customer’s data. After all, a rise in sales means more data, and data is critical for running an online brand. A safe online storefront is vital for ensuring that products are moving and sales are coming in.

During the past year, the number of hackers committing online and identity theft has increased at an alarming rate. With ample personal data left unprotected, hackers can easily infiltrate an ecommerce platform and steal hundreds, if not thousands, of identities. Therefore, it’s important to take the steps needed to ensure that your storefront is safe and secure. 

A Toast To Our Industry

Our first virtual Tech on Tap 2021 was a success. We look forward to hosting Tech on Tap in-person again sometime soon. Tech on Tap betters not only our clients and candidates but also the entire technology industry. ESP is proud to have been serving the Twin Cities area for 50+ years and are excited to see what the future holds. To learn more about ESP IT or to start your search in the IT industry today, Read about our IT Staffing and Consulting Services or fill out our contact us form.


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