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Exploring ESP’s Core Values

ESP has consistently won awards for excellence, both for the work we do and the way we do it. We believe that our commitment to our set of core values is a foundational reason we’ve been named one of the Best Places to Work in Minnesota and have celebrated over 50 years of staffing. We don’t say this to toot our own horn, but in the hopes that sharing our core values will inspire you to adopt them as well, and discover your own excellence.

No Gossip

Trust is a foundational value for success in any environment. Building trust is a guiding principle at ESP and is essential to how we run our business. Nothing undermines trust faster than gossip. While it may seem harmless in the moment, or an easy way to blow off steam, engaging in gossip breeds insecurity and destroys productivity. People wonder, “if they say this about others, what do they say about me?” When gossip gets back to the people it’s about, relationships become weakened and even broken. Refraining from gossip opens the channels to direct and honest communication. It builds trust between coworkers and clients alike, and ensures the environments and communities we work in feel safe and open.

Be the Best

At ESP, we strive to exceed the expectations of everyone with whom we work. Through planning, professionalism, hard work and continuous improvement, we enable ourselves and our company to deliver on that promise. An essential part of being the best is recognizing there’s always room to learn, grow, and do better than we did yesterday. “Be the Best” means refusing to settle for complacency or stagnation. It feeds a desire to get curious, to innovate, and to aspire to more (even when we’re doing wel). This value is an essential part of the tech industry itself, which is constantly evolving, and it’s one we wholeheartedly embrace.

Be For Each Other

Humans, by our nature, are creatures of community. It’s through collaboration, brainstorming, and problem solving that we formed societies, created and normalized the use of tools, and developed the technologies that have streamlined modern life. Our commitment to personal excellence and dynamic teamwork defines how we do business, and it’s how we build success for ourselves, our teammates, our candidates, and our clients. We are enthusiastic about the work we do with and for each other. We offer support, show appreciation, and recognize a job well done. The result of this mentality isn’t just success, but a joyfulness in the work we get to do.

Wag Your Tail

Speaking of joy, enjoying what we do is also a core value of ESP IT. We spend more waking hours at our jobs than anywhere else, so we should be delighted by what we do. Setting out to find joy in our work is essential for avoiding burnout and for bringing out the best in our days. By looking for ways to keep our own “tail wagging”, we empower our coworkers, candidates, and clients to do the same.

Embrace ESP’s Core Values

At ESP, “Placing People First” is not just a tagline: it’s an essential part of our business. We empower our team to invest in themselves, each other, our clients and our candidates. As the first IT staffing firm in Minnesota, our core values have kept us committed to putting people first, and have guided us in more than 50 years of success. Benefit from our values by adopting them yourself, and by choosing ESP IT for your next career or hiring search. To learn more or to start a professional connection with us, reach out at https://mgo.420.myftpupload.com/contact-us/.


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