Data Solutions Career Insights For Twin Cities IT Professionals

Data Visualization is the interdisciplinary field that takes large data sets and creates a graphic representation that can be utilized by other peers, departments, or entities in order to better understand the data set. Data Visualization has many different facets, but as a professional in the Data Visualization business, it is important to be comfortable with large data sets, visual representation software that can help translate and communicate that data, and the skills to research, create and prepare visually and contextually stimulating reports.

As a Data Visualization specialist, you will work closely with teams across the company that need reports and other data-visualization specific tasks that need accomplishing. Data Visualization positions work closely with other data-driven positions, like analysts, scientists, engineers, and quality assurance specialists. This ensures that the data that is being gathered for visualization is coming from a secure and supported pipeline and that it is cleansed and accurate. As a Data Visualization specialist, you should be comfortable working with large data sets, understanding data visualization programs, and coding protocols, and working across teams to accomplish goals. If you are someone who is passionate about solving problems, finding patterns, and creating visual reports from non-visual source points, then Data Visualization is for you.

Data Solutions

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