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Why Consultants Partner with ESP

The modern workforce is an ever-changing amalgam of side-gigs, self-employment, short-term contracts and long-term steady positions. Flexible schedules and competitive pay have become increasingly important to job seekers, and employers are working to offer appealing opportunities to potential employees. ESP works tirelessly in the middle to match the right candidates to the right opportunities. IT consultants with ESP have the benefit of our extensive network and resources to offer technology solutions to local firms in Minnesota. Bring your IT consulting services and knowledge to ESP’s network and receive extensive benefits and award-winning resources. 

ESP is People-First

At ESP, we are focused on Placing People First. After all, effective technology doesn’t just happen on its own. People are at the heart of everything we do, whether it’s matching consultants to local opportunities or volunteering in the community. 

When an IT consultant works with ESP, we sit down to learn about your wants and needs in your career, including your commute, career skills and goals and more. Our IT consultants also receive competitive pay and benefits, including health coverage, HSA, dental, vision and life insurance. 

Our Core Values Guide Us

In order to fulfill our people-first approach, we are guided by four core values in our work. 

ESP’s core values are:

  1. No gossip: We build trust among ourselves.
  2. Be the best: Exceed everyone’s expectations. 
  3. Be for each other: Teamwork is foundational. 
  4. Wag your tail: We find joy in what we do. 

ESP’s recruiters, job seekers and consultants are the direct beneficiaries of these core values, as we work to create a fulfilling, engaging and helpful environment. When these core values are met, our consultants have the opportunity to advance their careers. And if our consultants are thriving, the firms they partner with can thrive, and our entire organization, inside and out, excels.

ESP Focuses on Results

It isn’t enough for us to simply talk about how great we want to be; we prove how great we can be through our award-winning IT recruiting and consulting services. When consultants partner with ESP, they contribute to the top-quality IT network we have built since 1968. We are proud to be recognized as one of the best companies and search firms to work for and partner with in Minnesota. Our results speak for themselves, and thanks to our skilled and experienced consultants, we are able to find the best technology solutions in Minnesota. 

Thrive as an IT Consultant with ESP

ESP has built a strong reputation of recruiting top-quality IT consultants for businesses across the state. Skilled IT professionals can thrive by partnering with ESP in a people-first environment focused on growing your career and achieving award-winning results. 

Partner as a consultant with ESP and get started on your next great opportunity. We will sit down with you to learn your career goals and how we can best serve you and our community. Contact us today to learn more.


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