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What Are the High-Paying Technology Jobs of the Future?

As technology evolves at a radically rapid pace, jobs in the tech industry grow at an equally fast pace and remain in high demand. Companies that develop and create the software that drives our smart devices, the apps we download, and the products and tech that make our lives more convenient, safe and secure need — more than ever before — new talent to continue building and shaping the digital world we live in.

Statistics show that in 2022, more than half of the planet’s entire economy is founded upon digital services, and by 2031, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the computer and IT sectors is expected to grow by at least 15 percent — an addition, on average, of nearly 683,000 new jobs by the start of the next decade.

The top technology jobs are best defined by abundant opportunities for growth, professional advancement, the chance to problem solve and cultivate specialist knowledge and (perhaps best of all) attractive salaries. Here, we examine some of the most well-compensated, high-paying tech-based roles of today and tomorrow.


Information Systems (IS) Manager

Median U.S. salary: $151,150

IS managers are charged with overseeing, hiring and training entire tech departments, monitoring and measuring the productivity of team members and determining when to update their company’s software, tech and cybersecurity. One of the best-paying technology jobs, you may specialize in several different types of information systems, including Management Information Systems (MIS), Decision Support Systems (DSS) or Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).


  • A bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer systems management or computer science
  • Demonstrated managerial experience
  • Background in tech support


Cloud Architect

Median U.S. salary: $150,397

Cloud architects create the cloud computing strategies for their organizations. They can distill technical, complex requirements of a given project into the design and ensure it is reflected in the final product. In this role, you’re also responsible for resolving sophisticated problems and their respective solutions that reside in the cloud, as well as collaborate with other team members, such as engineers and developers. 


  • Working knowledge of at least one operating system, i.e. Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows, etc.
  • High-level understanding of networking and programming lexicons
  • Additional knowledge of cloud security


Full Stack Developer

Median U.S. salary: $113,310

There are developers who work with the server-based back-end of a website, and those involved with the client-facing front end, but a full stack developer is acquainted and experienced with both (hence the all-encompassing job title; in this case, a “stack” is the complete, full range of applications composing a software program). Because of the large scalability of full stack systems, a full stack developer may often find opportunities with larger organizations employing more robust software applications.


  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science is preferred
  • Knowledge of various coding languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Project management and organizational skills


Data Security Analyst

Median U.S. salary: $98,550

Data security analysts ensure a company or organization’s security systems and networks are protected from cyber criminals such as hackers, and protect networks from viruses or data breaches. Part of this analyst’s responsibility is to evaluate and gauge said security systems to determine any flaws or weaknesses that could make a company prone to a breach. They also suggest any needed security changes or upgrades and install new security measures.


  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science or information security is generally required
  • Additional certifications are helpful (i.e. CISSP or GIAC)
  • Expertise with network security, operating systems and the cloud 


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