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Top Tech Jobs for People Who Want to Travel

More and more, remote work is the flexible norm in this post-pandemic world, owing much of its existence to the technology that makes working from home possible … and your physical location irrelevant, as long as the work gets done. 

As technology continually evolves, so does our enhanced ability to telecommute without needing to commute to an office; to effectively conference and collaborate virtually instead of in-person. And with the innovative tech that enables us to work more effectively than ever before, it’s no surprise that there are a variety of opportunities to see the world while also building a career.

If you’re a digital nomad looking to make an income while trotting the globe, here are our top travel tech jobs:

Remote Software Developer

Average salary: $112,129

With the rise of remote work, software developers now have the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. Remote software developers design and create sophisticated computer programs and systems for their employers or their clients from no fixed location. With an average salary in the six figures, you’re not only responsible for designing frameworks, but also tests and protocols for your client’s QA department to ensure their effectiveness. This job offers the flexibility to travel while still working and earning a steady income.

IT Consultant

Average salary: $82,560

IT consultants often work on short-term projects for different companies around the world, handling everything from computer repairs to maintaining large networks to advising clients on their information technology best practices. A “do from anywhere” opportunity to travel to different countries and work on different projects, you’ll also learn about different cultures and gain international experience, in addition to earning lucrative pay.

Cybersecurity Consultant

Average salary: $116,451

As more and more companies are moving their operations online, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important field. With that, cybersecurity consultants often travel to different countries to audit the security of a company’s systems, train employees on how to protect against cyber threats and examine, top to bottom, how every facet of a company’s computer systems interconnect and interact in order to protect their client’s sensitive information and data. This job offers the opportunity to travel while also making a significant impact on the security of a company.

Data Analyst

Average salary: $63,865

Data analysis is a field that is in high demand around the world, and data analysts often travel to different countries to work on different projects. As a data analyst, you’ll utilize mathematical, statistical and analytical skills to identify key insights into your business’s or client’s customer base, helping them solve problems or pain points and make better decisions. Since many enterprises have this need, it’s a position in demand everywhere, enabling you to take your skills around the world.

Technical Sales

Average salary: $112,527

Companies everywhere need computer equipment, which is one of the benefits of remote technical sales positions. Technical sales professionals are often on the road, traveling to different countries to meet with clients and close deals. This job allows you to see the world while also being on the front line of sales for a company; as the liaison between a company’s sales team and its clients, helping provide information, sales and service, and also facilitate maintenance and repairs for the hardware they purchase.

Technical Support Engineer

Average salary: $85,716

Technical support engineers (also known as IT support engineers) provide on-site troubleshooting and technical support to help resolve technical issues for every component of a company’s or client’s computer system, whether it’s software, hardware or network-related. You’ll be able to work across the country and the world supporting a range of clients across numerous industries, such as telecom, healthcare and finance. 

Technical Support Manager

Average salary: $128,804

Honing their skills as tech support engineers, technical support managers manage all tech-related operations for an organization, ensuring everyone, from engineers, IT specialists and maintenance staff, come in on time and within budget. Keeping customer needs top of mind, you’ll ensure physical inventories are in stock, and show responsibility for designing and implementing processes and policies. This job offers the opportunity to travel to different countries, manage projects and lead a team, while also getting to see different cultures and gain international experience.

Choose Your Remote Tech Path with ESP IT

The technology industry offers a wide range of job opportunities for people who love to travel. From software development to cybersecurity to data analysis to technical sales, there are many jobs that offer the opportunity to see the world while also building a successful career. With the rise of remote work and the increasing demand for technology professionals around the world, now is a great time to explore the opportunities available in the tech industry.

From contract consulting to direct hire, ESP connects talented tech professionals with the opportunities to start a fulfilling career. We draw on 50-plus years of connections to ensure you find your best fit from a range of open remote positions. 

Connect with us and find the travel tech job right for you.


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