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Top 5 Tips For Your LinkedIn Profile

Around 280 million people are on LinkedIn.  98% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find potential candidates. So distinguish yourself with the following tips.
Stand Out with your Summary Statement
Take the opportunity to show recruiters and future employers what sets you apart from other candidates with your summary statement.  Avoid boring, generic sentences.  Instead, showcase your passions within your industry and how you are able to add value to a future employer.
Emphasize Your Experience
With every post of current or previous experience you are able to add a link or upload a file.  Use this tool to add papers, presentations, published documents, or link to online portfolios to give potential employers and recruiters a tangible piece of your abilities and experience.
Capitalize On Your Causes and Volunteer Experience
Listing where you volunteer shows what you do outside of the office and how you give back to the community. Plus, it can make evident the opportunities you are interested in pursuing or looking for.  Volunteering can also be a great means of networking, both on and off LinkedIn.  If you don’t already have a cause, there are many opportunities for IT professionals to get involved like helping maintain a nonprofit’s website or offering tech support.
Make Connections from In-Person Interactions
Chances are, you’ve met someone at a tradeshow or conference and have wanted to connect with them after the event. However, they were probably introduced to many others as well and might not remember who you are- especially if a few days have passed.  To better your chances of expanding your network, connect with someone within 48 hours of meeting. And don’t forget to add a personal message reminding them of how you met too; without this you’re likely to be over looked.
Grow Your Network with New Connections
Looking to connect with someone for the first time on LinkedIn? Ask for an introduction from a shared connection.  Or, if it is someone you don’t share a connection with, look for a mutual industry group to join that you can use to introduce yourself and, hopefully, connect.
Take your profile from mediocre to excellent by adding the details needed to set your profile apart.  Show your passions with your summary statement and volunteer experience, share your skills with online portfolios and more, and grow your connections with these LinkedIn tips.


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