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Steps to Implementing New Technologies in Your Workplace

When it comes to moving your business forward, upgrading your in-house technological capabilities is one of the most impactful steps you can take. In fact, most managers agree: according to an MIT study, 78% of executives believe implementing new technologies is crucial to establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage in the market.

The process of selecting and then implementing this technology, however, is an entirely different animal. This will likely entail the overhaul of several systems, the phasing out of existing tech, and the training of your employees to use the new capabilities to their full capacity. This will take time and focus.

Having a roadmap will help make this process easier. Here are the major steps to keep in mind as you upgrade your business with new technology.

Keep Your Employees in the Loop

As with most things in life, advance notice is helpful. Alert your employees as early as possible that there is new tech coming down the pipeline, planting the seed in their minds and reducing the risk that they will be shocked by the change.

It is also a good idea to actually involve your employees in the decision-making process of selecting the technology itself. Before you settle on any clear decisions, canvas your employees that will be actually using the technology the most: not just their managers. It can be extremely frustrating when higher-ups exchange a functional system for something “newer” that doesn’t actually improve a workflow, but is simply part of a technology spending budget.

Identify the key areas for improvement in your business technology, and ask employees how they would best address them. Choose technology that solves specific problems and will save your employees time.

After the decisions are made, be extremely clear to your team as to when and how the tech will be implemented – they will appreciate the transparency.

Leverage Your Key IT Players

Once the tech rollout is lined up, rely on the technology experts to make the implementation as soon as possible. Your IT team will be the key players here: they likely have in-house engineers and infrastructure specialists who can help forecast the impact on your work, as well as train your teams for the launch. The IT support team will be instrumental as well during and after the initial launch – make sure they are prepared to address any issues that arise and to handle late adopters with patience.

If the technology you are implementing was purchased from a software company, the firm will often designate an account manager to help streamline the implementation experience for your company. Leverage the skills, expertise, and time of this individual. They are paid to ensure your tech rollout is smooth and effective, so lean into that responsibility. Ask them their professional opinion on how to utilize the tech for your specific business, and make sure they are on site working with your IT team leading up to the launch.

Have a Training Program Delineated Ahead of Time

Once again, preparation is key. Devise a clear roadmap with your account manager and your IT professionals regarding the timeline of the rollout and the training expectations for your employees.

Be prepared for a few workers to adopt the technology right away, but the majority to show some hesitancy or to choose to hang onto old systems as long as possible. Some individuals are resistant to change, and your training plan should anticipate this.

Think about these key questions:

  • What will training modules (if any) look like?
  • Will there be any help sessions or seminars?
  • Do you have sufficient support staff for on-demand assistance with the technology?
  • Will there be a phase-out period of your old tech?
  • Will different workers need to be trained differently depending on job function?

Having an idea and clear action steps to address the above questions long before launch day will make the transition infinitely smoother.

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