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Staying Positive and Productive While Working from Home

Sure, you get to work at home, but you’re having trouble focusing on *actually* working. The ever-growing pile of laundry is much more appealing than checking your email, and checking Twitter for news updates is distracting you from your excel sheets.

So, first of all, cook yourself a good breakfast, grab your coffee, and read ESP IT’s tips and tricks for working from home.

1. Walk It Out.

Sitting all day is bad for your physical and mental health. Try to take a walk during your lunch break and after work to stay sane.

2. Dress For Work.

Yes, you’ll want to wear your pajamas all day but your business clothes will help you get into the right frame of mind.

3. Get Comfy.

No, leave your pajamas in your hamper (and do your laundry while you’re at it). Invest in a good, comfortable chair or standing desk, so you’ll stay content while working without gravitating toward the couch.

4. Carry On.

There are two common thoughts you have when you start working remotely:
1. I can watch Game of Thrones while I work…right?
2. I can’t slack off, I must work ALL THE TIME.

Avoid both of these thoughts, carry on with business as usual. If you work eight-to-five at the office, try to work eight to five at home. Maintaining regularity controls what you can control and keeps you ready to take on the variables that may arise.

5. Stick To Your Diet.

You’ve heard of the freshman fifteen, but what about the quarantine fifteen? Snacks are everywhere and stress is high. If you’re going to snack, stock up on apples, carrots, and other healthy alternatives. Instead of soda, drink unsweetened tea or water. After the quarantine, your scale and work wardrobe will thank you.

6. Stop Checking The News (As Often).

Don’t obsessively check the news or Twitter. It won’t help you be more productive, and it won’t help lower your stress levels. Turn off social media, and focus on your work. Let those distractions be the reward after a productive day.

7. Separate ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ (As Much As You Can).

It can be as little as a corner of your kitchen island or as big as an ergonomic standing desk in front of your view of the Alps (well, lucky you). Having a space dedicated for work will help you separate your work and play.

8. Stay Positive.

Take a walk with your dog, kids, or partner. Text or call your family and friends. Listen to a new podcast, we recommend “Reply All” by Gimlet Media. Try watching opera, The Met is streaming opera performances for free. Pick up a new skill, like yoga, on YouTube. And if you’re craving a sporting event of any kind, watch ESP IT’s latest episode of “TechCenter” here.

By staying positive, and doing what is within our control, we can get through this together, and grow more equipped to face any adversity moving forward.

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