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Robots Aren't Taking Our Jobs, They Are Our Jobs

The demand for jobs with skills in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics has grown steadily over the past four years. While we’re still a far cry from the robot-babysitters of our inevitable future, there have been some amazing leaps in robotics and AI technology recently. differentiates these two seemingly similar skill sets by focusing on the ability of robotics technology to react to stimuli whereas AI takes in information and can process only the received information to complete its tasks. Either way, with the very real advances being made in these fields, the long fictionalized robotic-takeover of society as we know it, may just be moving toward reality. Or maybe not.
There was a 12% increase throughout 2012 in posted jobs requiring robotics or AI skills. Forbes forecasts that by the year 2020, robotics will add 1.9 to 3.5 million jobs globally, and if you already have the skills, or are looking to develop yourself in a new practice area, you’ll be in high demand.
WANTED Analytics found that the jobs that most frequently require AI or robotics skills today have to do with creating, testing and implementing software. As a result, computer engineers are among the top posted jobs that require artificial intelligence skills, and software engineers are among the top posted IT jobs that require robotic skills.
Some scientists still believe that robots will be able to do everything humans can, but most are focusing on combining human and robots skills to eliminate human error and technological mishaps. The days of us humans fearing robot world domination are ending; instead our future will most likely hold us working with robotic and AI technology in our current jobs instead of fighting against robo-humans for new jobs.
Whatever happens, robots created to test software for glitches and make programming simpler are likely to be around for a long time, so get used to AI and robotic skills showing up in job descriptions and at the office.
And now that we’ve successfully eliminated the threat of an apocalyptic robotic-revolt, we can focus on the real threat: zombies.


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