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Research A Company Like A World Champion

Every athlete competing in the world cup had to prepare and work hard to advance to the next level.  You should prepare for your next interview in the same way.  Research the company well to make it to the next level.
Get the specs for your World Cup ball
This year’s World Cup ball, the Brazuca has excellent aerodynamics, and consistency of shape, and was designed specifically for the host country,Brazil. When preparing for an interview, take into consideration the different elements of the company you’re researching like the interviewer, competitors, and the overall industry.
Consider who will be interviewing you and look them up on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to learn about them. If you are not told who will be interviewing you, ask.  HR departments will usually make that information available.
Investigate the company’s competitors and learn about the industry.  Understanding where competitors are heading and what the current industry standards are will make you more knowledgeable about the position. Having this knowledge will also help you to answer questions with a forward thinking mindset and impress your interviewer.
Watch the game tape
Soccer teams study other teams to understand their plays, patterns, strengths and weaknesses.  Research the company’s website to learn the business’ “plays.”  A company expects you to be familiar with their basic information like history, size, and the very obvious-what they do and which technologies they use.  Surprise them by being knowledgeable about their values and the health of the company.
Dig into their mission statement, volunteer activities, and sustainability practices and learn what separates them from their competitors and others in the industry.  A great place to look for information about the health of the company is on their website.
Google the company to find any recent press releases, company blogs, and company reviews.  Look for information about where the company is headed and positive news stories.  Use this information to show how your skills can help the company achieve their goals and benefit them with their future endeavors.
In the same way we will chant today for the USA team against Belgium, “I believe that we will win,” we believe that you can win. Having the right tools and studying your potential employer will help you with your offense in the field.  Research the company well and be a champion in your interview.
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