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New Year’s Resolutions for Your IT Career

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution? A new year is a great time to implement change in your life, including a change in your career goals. Whether you’re happily situated at a company, consulting, or looking for a new opportunity, make some positive changes to your career this year with the following two resolutions.
Build Relationships:
Relationships are a key component to success. You’ve heard it said, “Who you know is what you know.”  Build your career by widening your network.  Several networking opportunities are available to the IT professional.  Fostering friendships with coworkers is a great place to start building relationships, even when your assignment is temporary.  Having friends at the office can add to your work-life satisfaction and build life-long connections. Industry Groups can help you learn new things about your field, meet industry leaders, find a mentor, and connect you to people who may be a powerful connection in the future.
Explore New Opportunities:
Expand your skills and know-how by taking on new tasks and volunteering for new opportunities. Enhance your career with a consulting role outside of your comfort zone or by taking on new responsibilities.  The challenge will add variety to your work day and will also help you build your skills.  Another way to advance your career is to attain a new certification or take a class that will sharpen your skills and increase your knowledge.  Check out our Winter 2015 Newsletter to learn more about how certifications can tip the scale for you.
This new year, don’t waste time making resolutions you might not keep. Instead, resolve to build relationships, explore new opportunities, and seek out new ways to take your career to the next level in 2015. You may be amazed where you find yourself in 2016.


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