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Methods To Upping Your Game To Attract Skilled IT Candidates

Your internal IT department is the cog that makes the machine go. If the department is depleted or ignored, the entire company will feel the pain. It isn’t a sole bottleneck that can be alleviated through adjusting a process or two. Left unchecked, it can create issues that disrupt your ability to serve your clients. Or in other words, it would create an unmitigated disaster. 

In order to avoid chaos and upsetting your clients you need to make an effort to ensure your team of IT professionals is comprised of all-stars and champions. But therein lies the issue; how do you attract IT candidates? Finding and retaining skilled IT candidates is among the more difficult tasks when staffing. These specialists are in constant demand and are just as well aware of that fact as hiring managers are. Beyond the obvious salary expectations, these folks are going to prioritize culture fits. They will go where their talents are appreciated and they are treated like the important aspect of the organization that they are. 

So how do you make sure that your organization will attract IT professionals? What do you need to do to bring skilled IT candidates to your firm? Let’s explore some ways to up your game to attract the best IT talent you possibly can.

Perception Is Reality

If your firm is considered behind the times, regardless of whether it’s true or not, you may struggle to attract IT candidates. Not only will it matter how consumers perceive your brand, but it will also matter how you are perceived as an employer. People talk, and IT professionals are no different. If you have a rocky history with former employees, you will end up paying for it. 

Obviously, no one strives to have a tumultuous relationship with their staff; it’s bad business. But sometimes messy situations arise. The key is to have as few of these as possible (none being the best). You want to avoid having a track record of negative departures so that pattern doesn’t emerge to job seeking, skilled IT candidates.

Exchange Money for Goods and Services

Compensation is obviously still a major way in which to attract IT candidates. It is a competitive field and IT specialists expect a salary that reflects as much. In order to bring on skilled IT candidates, you have to be willing to pay what it costs. But it is not solely the number of digits that matter. With the nice paycheck, there is also a want for other forms of compensation.

Medical and dental should be considered a given when going into negotiations. Very few IT professionals will come onboard without these aspects. Ditto goes for PTO. It should be more of a question as to whether your offerings are comparable to your competitors and not one of if you offer them at all. The ability to work remotely is also quickly becoming a standard benefit. Giving employees this sort of space is empowering as it shows you trust them to manage their own workflow and do not need to be micromanaged.

Find Your Next IT Hero

If you are seeking skilled IT candidates, then look no further. We have decades of experience in IT and we know the Twin Cities like the back of our own hand! Attract IT professionals by partnering with a trusted technology recruiter who will bring out the best in both you and the candidates we work with. Reach out today to schedule an appointment!


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