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Interview Tips for Introverted Technology Professionals

Over the last hundred years, researchers have looked at the human traits of introversion and extroversion.

While introverts and extroverts are believed to exist in equal numbers, extroversion has maintained an unsurprising stronghold on the dialogue. With the advent of social media, however, introversion has become a trending topic online in memes and posts. This has shone a light on introverts and the challenges they experience in a world built for extroverts. Citing the history of social and academic bias toward extroversion, a recent study of workplace dynamics is helping fix the balance and shine light on the value introverts bring to the office. The technology field is full of great jobs for introverts, but before getting to the office, you have to get through the interview process. 

While introverts aren’t necessarily shy, job interviews may present a particularly challenging form of interaction. If you’re an introverted technology professional searching for a new job, the technical recruiters at ESP IT have compiled some tips to help you shine in your next interview.

Come Prepared

Job interviews come with several conversational elements that can be challenging for introverted candidates, including small talk. A major trait of introversion is a low threshold for small talk, so prepare yourself with a few comments on the weather, your hobbies and other common chat points. This will help you make a good impression and can put you at ease for the rest of the interview.  Doing some LinkedIn research on the person or people who will be interviewing you will help you craft some substantive “getting to know you” questions and show that you’ve put thought into them and the opportunity to work with them. You’ll also want to prepare answers for typical interview questions. Research the particular expectations of the IT job you’re interviewing for, and come prepared with answers that demonstrate your capabilities to execute them well. 

Give Yourself Time

Introverted candidates should schedule time before interviews to meditate, get focused or just chill. Take time off from work and other social interactions before heading in to avoid burnout and exhaustion. It’s common to be interviewed by multiple people which can be stressful for introverts. Before heading into your next interview, cheerfully ask for a moment to use the restroom or get a glass of water. No need to explain that you’re feeling overwhelmed. If multiple people are interviewing you at once, remember to direct your answers around the table. Feel free to ask for names again if you’ve forgotten one. This demonstrates care and helps you avoid the mental stress of forgetting. Interviewers may throw in some unexpected questions which can throw off many introverted candidates. Practice saying, “That’s a great question. I’d like to think about it. Can we circle back?” 

Make Your Introvert Traits a Selling Point

Introverts typically have traits that are extremely valuable in the workplace – especially in technology and IT jobs. Introverts are often very observant and detail-oriented. They tend to take in all available information and make more considered and reasoned choices, helping them devise well-thought-out solutions and effective strategies. More sensitive to and aware of the world around them, introverts can easily spot things others may miss. Before your interview, take some time to list out these qualities and find examples from your work that demonstrate times they’ve been successful. There’s no need to couch it in introversion; simply recognize these as skills you bring to the table. These can be used when answering questions like “what’s your best quality as an employee” or “why do you want to work here.” 

Build Your Career with ESP IT

ESP IT has built technology careers in Minnesota since 1968. We’ve always prioritized people in the choices we make to set our candidates and clients up for success. We recognize the tremendous value introverts bring to technology and IT jobs. As technical recruiters, we work with clients who have great job opportunities for introverts. Our recruiters will not only help you find roles that are best suited for your skills and goals, but empower you through the interview process to help you secure a position where you’ll thrive. Being an introvert is an asset to the development of better business technology. We at ESP IT look forward to placing you in a future-forward career. 

Partner with ESP IT today to foster a great environment and lasting success. Contact us at 612-337-3000.


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