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How Your Skills From Childhood Can Help You Succeed

You’re all grown up. But isn’t it important to bring out your inner child from time to time? We think it might be vitally important in showcasing your skills to a potential employer. Think back to the type of child you were and learn how you can use those skills to prove your abilities for on-the-job success.
“Why? Why? Why?”
Some kids never stop asking “why?”. These little ones have a desire to learn and to understand the world around them. They may have been the kids asking how the computer worked and finding out for themselves as they grew older. Or they may have grown up to be the adult who knows how to ask the right question that uncovers the path to a solution. If this is you, show it in the interview by asking the questions that show the interviewer you understand the position and are eager to keep learning. Show your knowledge of the technologies used and the company’s background or culture, by asking insightful questions to learn more. These knowledge-seeking questions will show your ability to fully understand a position and that you have a desire to constantly learn.
Back in the corner during nap time, this was the youngster putting together a puzzle or reading an advanced-level book. Quiet and thoughtful, these children grow into adults who are great at solving thought-provoking problems. They see things from a variety of different angles and know where to best dive in to solve any issue. They may have stayed quiet or grown more extroverted over time, but what lasts is that spark of curiosity to continuously grow, learn and stay ahead of the crowd. This can be shown in the interview by bringing up new technologies you’re interested in, or industry news and your take on new ideas and products. By showing that you can understand every angle of a situation and that you form your own unique opinion, the interviewer will be able to understand your out-of-the-box thinking and your desire to solve and understand complex situations.
Follower of the Leader
When playing “Simon Says” someone had to win. That was this child. Great at going by the book and knowing what others want from them, this child grows into a hard working adult. This is not to say that this adult only follows the leader now, but they are great at inferring what leaders and others want from them.  And they become great leaders because of their ability to understand the group. During the interview show that you are able to understand the needs of others by coming prepared and ensuring that you have questions to ask and as much knowledge as you can of the position, company and industry. Use examples where you were a part of a group and showcase your excellent teamwork skills.
Free Spirit
This kiddo was prone to coloring outside the lines and may have even brightened up the walls a few times. From here comes an adult who has the ability to think outside the box and understand things that are abstract. This person loves to bounce ideas off of people and has an interest in new technologies. They understand how the innovative process happens and love to ride the wave of creativity. Giving examples of new ideas you’ve come up with and implemented will show the interviewer your ability to help an organization grow. Tell stories about your experiences and show how your innovative mind helped enhance your projects.
Looking back and understanding why you work the way you do can help you decide what to focus on when describing your skills to a potential employer. While we’re not suggesting you chatter about your love for Legos during the interview, think of the skills you learned from your childhood and highlight them in regards to the potential position.


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