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How to Turn Hating Your Job Into an Opportunity for Growth

Working and finding the right job can be a bit of a dance. Sometimes it’s a waltz, elegantly gliding across the dance floor in a smooth rhythm. Other times, finding a job can feel more like a break dance: jumpy, up and down, and tiring. If you are tired of dancing, you may find yourself in a job you don’t particularly enjoy. When that happens, you can lose steam and start dreading going into work.

If you are stuck in a rut at work, you may immediately start thinking about resigning and changing jobs. Before you make the move, however, consider some ways to turn a job you hate into an opportunity for growth. It may take some time and effort, but it can be worth it in the long run. 

Assess Your Skills

The first way to turn a job you hate into an opportunity for growth is to assess your current skills. What skills does your current role make use of? Are there skills you want to use more and thought you would be able to implement in this role? By taking stock of your skills and your passions, you will be able to change the way you approach your job. 

Once you have considered your current skills and how you want to use them, you can start projecting them and injecting them into your role. By trying new skills or adding new skills to your job duties, you can find new value in a position that you may have lost passion for. Also consider what skills you have learned in this position, and what skills you have the opportunity to refine. Taking a new approach to your role is a great first step to enjoying your job. 

Get Involved

The next way to change your outlook at your current job is to make an effort to get more involved. If you have the opportunity to join a committee or even create a committee, do so. Interacting with your coworkers in a different context and getting involved in the organization can revitalize your passion and help you enjoy your job

A great way to get involved at work is to start a volunteer program. Volunteering with your coworkers can help you get to know your colleagues better, as well as help your company give back to the local community.

Foster Professional Relationships

If you are looking for ways to turn a job you hate into an opportunity for growth, focus on improving the relationships with your colleagues. Developing professional relationships can make coming to work more interesting and exciting again. If you have reached the point where your daily work is dull or you don’t think you can grow in your current role, connecting with your colleagues and having productive conversations with your boss can change that. 

By developing professional relationships with your colleagues, you can learn new things and grow professionally. Coworkers will be able to teach you new ways of doing things and provide fresh perspectives. Connecting on a daily basis with your team or even coworkers outside of your department can help you come into work each day and enjoy your job. Learn new skills and take advice from your coworkers when possible. 

Additionally, make sure to sit down with your boss and discuss your role. Regular one-on-one meetings with your boss can benefit both parties significantly. Talk to them openly about how you want to change your role, and offer new ways to tackle your responsibilities. This can help you grow professionally and get you loving your job again. Your boss should be your mentor. Talk to them candidly and professionally about your desire to learn and grow, and when they give you opportunities, take them!

Try New Things

One of the best ways to turn hating your job into an opportunity for growth is to try new things. Take advantage of new opportunities, responsibilities and tasks. If you find yourself in a rut at work, try challenging yourself. Instead of doing the same old job duty in the same old way, take a different approach to your routine. 

Finding ways to break out of your rut at work is paramount to enjoying your job. This can be as monumental as talking to your boss about your overall role and job growth, or as small as changing your routine each week. It may not always be easy, but that is the fun of it. Take control of your success and your enjoyment at work by challenging yourself, trying new things, and growing. 

Looking For a Change? 

If, after trying these steps to better enjoy your job, you still find yourself looking for a new role, try working with a recruiter. Professional technology recruiters understand the industry and local companies. They will work with you to find a job you love and a role you can grow and succeed in. 

Looking for an IT recruiter in Minneapolis? The recruiters at ESP IT will work with you to understand your career goals and help you find a job you love. Work doesn’t have to be dull. We know the job market and what companies in the Twin Cities will match your personality and aspirations. If you’re ready to change jobs, contact ESP IT and see what’s out there for you.


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