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Don’t Rely on Luck: What to Consider Before Accepting That Job Offer

When it comes to finding the perfect job, do you feel like you’ve got better luck finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Don’t rely on luck when it comes to happiness in your next job.  If the position seems perfect in almost every way, take the time to carefully consider these questions before accepting the offer:

How do you feel about the commute?
Location should be more than an afterthought when it comes to your next job.  Decide what elements of a commute are important to you when you’re applying for a job, such as time commitment, the density of traffic, or the ability to travel by public transit.  Some aspects of your job can change, but the location is fairly permanent. Pay attention to the commute when you travel to your interview to see how it fits into your criteria.  Avoid burnout from your commute by figuring out what is most important to you before accepting a new position.
Do you think you’ll fit into the work culture?
Sure, the job feels like the perfect fit for you technically, but what about the company? Meeting future coworkers and seeing your workspace can help you determine if the office environment is a place at which you can thrive. If you can’t imagine building positive, professional relationships or being a part of the team, you may want to reconsider the position.  Studies show having friends at work increases your job satisfaction and productivity.
Is there room for growth?
No one wants to get stuck in a position without the opportunity of professional development or promotion.  Before accepting a job offer, think about how the job helps you in your long-term career goals. Ask questions in the interview to see what opportunities will be presented to you in the future.  If the position doesn’t help you grow in important skills, build your resume, or challenge you professionally, it may not be the right fit for you.
Does the job excite you?
Enthusiasm not only helps you get the job, it keeps you at the job.  Think about it, a third of your day is spent at work; if you don’t like what you’re doing, why would you stay? Excitement and enthusiasm will help you jump out of bed in the morning ready to go, long after the initial “new” factor wears off.  Plus, you’ll perform better and stay engaged at work.
Before making a big decision like accepting a new position, know what’s important to you.  All, or some, of these questions could cause you to reconsider the position.  However, each opportunity is unique. Take everything into consideration before saying yes or no.

If you decide to say yes, check out these tips to succeed in a new work environment.


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