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Don't Get Spooked by the Interview

Even when it’s not the season of spooks, an interview can be scary. In the light of day, you’re probably excited that someone saw your resume and thought your technical skills, references and education were up to par.  But when you’re heading into an interview, it can be like the lights have gone out and suddenly every creaky step on the way to the door is a bad omen. If you’re feeling like this interview is a scene from Halloween, it’s time to face your fears; it’s probably not as scary as you think.
Here are a few tips to help you get through those frightening moments:
When you hear a bump in the night. Maybe you get an unexpected question that makes your heart jump, and you feel the need to start talking. But take a deep breath and hold in the urge to chatter. Show the interviewer you’re thinking the question through before answering intelligently. It’s better to create a thoughtful pause then to jump in with an answer before you’ve gathered your thoughts.
Finding what’s under the bed. It’s likely there are a few things you’re not excited to talk about at an interview, be it how you spell your name, a gap in your experience, or the reason you left, or want to leave your position. The best thing to do is be honest. Avoid badmouthing anyone but be fair with your reasons for your decisions. You want the interviewer to get to know you and how your personality would fit into the company culture.
A fear of the dark. Being interviewed can leave you anxious about what you know and what skills you have. If you’re afraid of not having enough knowledge about an upcoming technology, but are willing to learn, share that information. Hiring managers enjoy knowing candidates are interested in learning more and it could help show your ability to grow.
The interview is a good time to push past your fears and go with your instincts. Your qualifications are what got you to the interview at all, so be confident. Take a hint from classic scary movie tropes and separate yourself from the group (of candidates) by being sure the interviewer knows all that you can offer to the company. And be sure you’re not stiff, cold or acting like a zombie, you don’t want to scare the interviewers.


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