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Back to Basics: Strengths, Motivation, and Fit get the Job

While having the technical skills required is absolutely essential for any IT role, accordingBack to Basics Strength, Motivation, and Fit Get the Job to Forbes, there are three concepts that matter most in a job interview: strengths, motivation and fit. Three basic questions grasp this “Big Three” concept, and while the interviewer most likely won’t ask them straight out, they will ultimately focus on the answers they discover when making their hiring decision.

1.       Strengths: Can you do the job?

This question is an opportunity to show what you have done and how well your strengths qualify you for the position. Interviewers may ask situational questions to gauge how you would react in common job situations, or what technologies you prefer and are able to use.  Real life examples are the best way to answer these questions and prove to the interviewer that you know your technologies and are fully able to do the job.

2.       Motivation: Will you love the job?

Prime Genesis describes the motivation based portion of the interview as a question of whether this job will help you, the interviewee, as you strive for career happiness. This kind of motivation goes hand in hand with the company’s vision for the future: if they are interested in using innovative technologies, can you learn quickly and keep up with technical evolutions?  Make sure to discuss how this position aligns with what you want for yourself and your career at the interview to show that you are in line with the company’s vision and excited about the job.

3.       Fit: Can we tolerate working with you?

Forbes describes this question as a matter of culture fit. But it’s also a matter of if your technical skills match the needs of the company. Do your research. Many businesses display their values online and may even discuss the technologies they use.  Learning this information will help you understand their technical culture and what they value, and will show you whether or not you would be a good match.

While Forbes describes these three questions as the “only interview questions that matter,” it’s important to remember that you need knowledge of the company and of yourself to best answer them. Focus on what you want out of the position, and what you know about the company that makes you want to work there, and use that information in the interview.
If you have strengths in the areas and technologies they need, the motivation to succeed in the role, and are a great fit technically and culturally, you’re on your way to winning the interview.


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