An Intra-preneur, an Expert and a First-Timer walk into an interview... | ESP IT An Intra-preneur, an Expert and a First-Timer walk into an interview... | ESP IT


An Intra-preneur, an Expert and a First-Timer walk into an interview…

Seeing the resume of a potential hire doesn’t tell you everything about who they are as employees.  You need to know what inspires and drives them. We’ve broken candidates down into three general personas that you will see while hiring to help you decide who will be best for your organization.
Who do you need?
Look at your current team. Focus on who would work best with the people you already have and consider if there are any areas that could be improved. Are there gaps that require an expert? Are you looking for someone to help the company grow from within? Or do you need to add young people to your team to start building your team of future rockstars. When you form the new position and write the job description, consider the traits you need the most.
The Intra-preneur
This is the kind of candidate who is looking for a place where they will be able to grow personally while simultaneously helping to grow the company they work for. The intra-preneur is likely to grow an organization from the inside out and be a loyal employee as long as the company inspires and encourages knowledge and growth.
The Expert
This person has years of experience and has worked for a variety of companies. Employers are clamoring for them, and they know what works for them and what doesn’t. The expert is going to share their knowledge and be a great resource for younger employees. They will also be interested in working in a sturdy organization where they can showcase their skills and do what they do best.
The First-Timer
Fresh out of college or straight out of an internship, this candidate is eager to please. They are eager and willing to learn any new programming language or show off what they already know. They are also sure to let you know if they have any questions. What the first-timer lacks in work experience is made up for with knowledge of new technology, skills and enthusiasm.
Every candidate is different and so is every organization. Choose the candidate with the skills and experience level that will best fit the needs of your team, whether it’s new growth, expertise, or energy.


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