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Proud to be a Minnesotan

Lake in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Minnesota is home to ESP IT, the best IT staffing firm in Minneapolis.
Eden Prairie, MN

There’s no place like home, and if you call a city in Minnesota home, your home is now proven to be better than most.  Five Minnesota cities made the top 25  of CNN Money’s list of Best Places to Live, (#3 Eden Prairie, #11 Woodbury, #14 Eagan, #19 Lakeville, and #22 Maple Grove), filling more spots on the top 25 than any other state. Eden Prairie also made it in to the top 25 cities with the highest median family income at number 24.
All of this good news, great location recognition and increasing income, could be coming from our steadily improving job market. We experienced a 23.9% volume increase in available jobs this year.  This is great news for everyone in the state, but it is especially great for IT Pros.
IT professionals are in high demand.  The fastest growing position is for software engineers, with a 34.7% increase from July of last year.  There has also been an increase in positions for web developers, computer systems analysts, and network and computer systems administrators.
And while 16 of the top 25 coldest places to live in the country are cities in MN, we’ve proven that there’s more to us than snow. We’re tough enough to have great job prospects, a high quality of life and a lot of Minnesota pride.