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ESP’s 2013 Salary Survey: Higher Salaries for IT Professionals

Each year we monitor an2013 Salary Surveyd analyze hiring trends, including compensation and benefits in order to best serve you. Our annual salary survey presents data compiled from ESP’s recent placements, as well as national and local research.

Our 2013 Salary Survey projects average salary increases of 6.1% for professional IT staff, 4.5% for Managers, and 3.2% for IT Executives, as compared with our 2012 Salary Survey. Base salaries for Information Technology roles in Minnesota average 5.5% higher than the national average. The highest salary increases are in the areas of Application (9.9%), Mobile (9%) and Software Development (8.2%). expects Minneapolis to be one of the top three cities in which to find an IT job in 2013, due to both the industry-diversity of our existing market and the appeal for companies to relocate here for cost savings. While this is likely to add to the low supply of IT talent, over time it should ultimately draw more skilled IT professionals to the Twin Cities Metro. The increased demand for IT talent means retaining employees and compensating competitively is more important than ever.

As companies continue to take on projects that were put on hold in recent years, the expected focus areas are application development, big data security, business intelligence/analysis, and project management.

If you’re an IT Pro wanting to ensure you’re being compensated fairly or an IT Manager wanting to be competitive with your offers in this hot market, check out ESP’s 2013 Salary Survey!