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The 7 Best Technology Gift Ideas For 2015

In the midst of the busyness of the holiday season, it can be difficult to find the right gift for the loved ones in your life.  So we’ve decided to offer a few suggestions to make your shopping a little easier this year.  We’ve pulled together the best technology gift ideas for all the different types of people and personalities in your life.
For the Photographer: Looq DG (selfie stick)Looq DG
Give the gift of the perfect selfie this year. Yes, that’s right, I’m suggesting a selfie stick. You might have mocked them in the past but I bet you’ve encountered the conundrum of getting everyone in the group selfie. The Looq is low maintenance. It has no battery, no need for WiFi, it doesn’t require Bluetooth, and it won’t drain your phones battery. The stick extends from 8.2 inches to 41.7 inches, is small and easy to carry, and is available in green, red, or blue. Don’t leave anyone out of the family picture this holiday with the selfie stick.

For the Creative Soul: Intuos Creative Stylus2Intuos Creative Stylus2
Do you know a graphic designer or web developer
who is looking for a great tool to design on their tablets? The Intuos Creative Stylus 2 from Wacom could be just what they need. The stylus is ergonomically designed for creative pros and offers a thin pressure-sensitive tip and palm rejection that allows you to draw on your tablet with the same, natural feel of pens and brushes. This Stylus won’t disappoint.

For the Music Lover: Amazon EchoAmazon Echo
Are you shopping for someone that has music on at all times? Or maybe they’re always listening to the news? This year, the gift for your music aficionado just might be the Amazon Echo.  The Echo is more than just another speaker; it’s your source for “Information, music, audiobooks, news, weather, traffic, sports, and more—instantly.” The Echo is controlled by your voice and can hear you from across the room. It connects to the cloud, and has 360º omni-directional audio to fill the room with immersive sound. Plus, it connects to all your favorite apps, like Pandora, iHeartRadio, Audible, and Amazon Music.

For the Traveler: TrakdotTrakdot
Whether you’re shopping for someone who travels frequently or seasonally, the Trakdot could be the gift they need.   The Trakdot is a small device that can be stored in your luggage to continually track its progress in relation to yours.  The Trakdot will let you know via text message if your luggage is on the baggage carousel or if you’ll need to make arrangements with the airline to deliver your luggage because it’s stuck in Ohio.  Everyone stresses about losing their luggage–especially during the busy holiday season–so give this device, and you’ll give the gift of peace (of mind that is).

For the Kiddos: Gizmos & Gadgets KitGizmos & Gadgets Kit
Get the younger generation interested in engineering things like wireless doorbells, bots, or lamps with this creative kit.  The Gismos and Gadgets kit includes items like a fan, 2 slide dimmers, a wireless transmitter, and more.  With all of the things that this kit includes, the sky’s the limit for what your child can imagine and create this year.  Buy a cool gift and ignite a passion for science and technology in a child with the Gizmos and Gadgets Kit.

LeafFor the Ladies: Leaf (Activity Tracker) 
A fitness tracker designed for women, the Leaf is beautiful and highly versatile in how you can wear it – wear it as a bracelet, necklace, or clipped onto your clothing. The Leaf can be ordered in silver and birch wood or rose gold and black wood, giving it the appearance of jewelry. The Leaf completely customizable, syncs wirelessly, doesn’t require charging, and has a 14 day memory.  Offering slightly more than your average fitness tracker, the leaf also tracks your breathing, alerts you when you’ve been inactive for too long, and tracks calorie output. This customizable tracker could be exactly what your lady wants this year.

 Withings ActiviteFor the Gents: Withings Activite (Activity Tracker) 
Don’t worry fellas; wearables are getting better looking for you too.  The Withings Activite is a handsome, Swiss made wrist watch that can also track your steps.  It has a domed sapphire glass face and a genuine leather strap that creates a very sleek look. The watch connects to an app via Bluetooth for your fitness tracking needs. With a battery life of about six months, the Withings Activite could be just what your guy needs this holiday season.

With 23 days until Christmas, it’s not too late to get the special people in your life exactly what they want this year. Feliz Navidad!