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Tech Gifts To Help You Celebrate Mom

Whether you’re shopping for a mom, grandmother, spouse, friend, or anyone else whom you’d like to recognize on May 8th, the gift of a thoughtful tech gadget will help you show your love in a unique and trendy way. From user-friendly trinkets designed to assist those less-proficient with tech, to fashionable accessories that add flare to favorite devices, these 5 ideas are all you’ll need to start and end your 2016 Mother’s Day search.

Misfit Swarovski Bracelet For The Wearables-Lover: Misfit Swarovski Activity Tracker
Ever heard your mom bemoan the style of her fitness tracker? While this isn’t an important detail for some, many trend-setters struggle with the plastic appearance of most fitness trackers, feeling that they don’t coincide with a professional or stylish wardrobe. Swarovski has set out to change that, teaming up with the reputable Misfit tracker to create a brand new look. The jewelry comes in a variety of styles and materials, and boasts a 6-month battery life (no more charging!).

For The Avid Reader: Kindle E-ReaderNew Kindle Oasis
With the new Kindle Oasis hot and fresh on the market, you may wonder at our recommendation of a Kindle E-Reader in general. Though the Oasis is by far the most luxury of your e-reading options, it also comes at a hefty price, and some of the enhanced features may go unnoticed by your loved-one. Before snagging the newest style compare the features of all 4 Kindle readers currently available. The affordability and usability of the Paperwhite, and the sensory enhancements of the Voyage keep these technologies current despite the release of newer models.

For The Zen-Seeker: Breville One-Touch Tea MakerBreville One-Touch Tea Maker
The perfect cup of tea comes at a steep (wink) price, but true tea-drinking aficionados will appreciate this unique device (which is also backed by Teavana). With built-in knowledge of the perfect water temperatures, brewing time, and development process required for black, green, white, and oolong teas, the user can enjoy her cup without any hassle, stress, or guesswork.

For the Smart Home-Maker: Flic Wireless Smart ButtonFlic Wireless Smart Button
Not only can Flic take pictures, post to your Facebook wall, dim or turn off/on your household lights and start your Spotify playlist, but it can also serve as a speed dial to help you call loved ones, and an emergency alarm, among other uses. The extremely programmable device is small, portable, wireless, and can attach or reattach to any surface. Though you can easily customize your usage preferences using the Android or iOS mobile app, be advised that less tech-proficient mothers or grandmothers may need your help with the set-up – not a bad price to pay for such an affordable and multi-purposed gadget!

Mobile Lens Kit
For The Photographer: Mobile Lens Kit
Whether your mom is a photo-snapping pro or a picture taking newbie, the mobile lens kit can help take her albums to the next level. Easy to clip-on fish eye, wide angle, and macro lenses allow her to enhance and adjust her images’ quality without having to be an app-expert or selfie-pro. But be warned: you may be tempted to “borrow” mom’s gift once or twice.

You’ve got plenty of time left to grab the mother-figure in your life a fun tech gadget to celebrate her before Mother’s Day. You’re sure to impress with a gift that’s thoughtful, unique, and tells mom shes trendy and up-to-date with the latest tech has to offer.