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ESP’s Tech Gadget Gift Guide 2016

Gift Ideas for TechiesThe holiday season is upon us, and what better gifts for IT pros (to give and receive) than the hottest tech gadgets for 2016? Here are our picks for ESP’s annual “Holiday Tech Gadget Gift Guide”:
Nomad Key ($20)
Gift Guide for IT ProfessionalsThis is the perfect gift for someone whose phone is always running out of battery or for someone who is always on the move. It works by plugging into any USP port to charge your mobile device. About the size of a house key, the Nomad key can be purchased for both iPhone and Android and attaches to your key ring.
MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity iPhone Cases ($ 27.99)
ESP's gift ideas for tech loversDo you know someone that loves taking selfies? Or likes to travel? Or just has t-rex arms that make it difficult to take photos with lots of people? Give them the Anti-gravity iPhone Case. It works by adhering to a multitude of surfaces to allow you to take group shots and selfies sans the touristy selfie stick.
Your loved one doesn’t have an iPhone? Give them the Anti-Gravity Space that works on any phone case. (13.99)
TP-Link Smart Light Bulb ($35)
techie gift ideasAre you interested in saving energy but don’t like walking into a dark home? Give the gift of light this holiday by giving this WiFi enabled light bulb. Operated via smartphone or Amazon Alexa, the TP-Link Smart Light Bulb acts as a dimmer and allows you to turn off lights that are left on long after you leave the house or turn lights on before getting home. Never be in the dark again.
Nintendo NES Classic Console ($60)gift ideas for hipster IT guys
Give your favorite person the gift of time travel with Nintendo’s NES Classic Console. The console has 30 of the most popular games from the 80’s and 90’s most of us loved. You won’t be able to disappoint with this gift!  Fair warning, they can be a bit hard to find as they sell so fast.
Fisher Price Code-a-Pillar ($47.99)
gift ideas for technology-minded kidsThis toy is great for children. It’s not only fun, but is good for all ages. The caterpillar has different segments and can be made to follow a different path by rearranging the segments into never-ending combinations. It helps kids learn problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and planning and sequencing. Plus, it can keep them occupied for hours.
Parrot Pot Planter ($100)
gift ideas for plant loversDo you know someone who loves to have plants but can’t seem to keep them alive? Give them the Parrot Pot Planter. It works by having you fill a water reservoir every week and waters the plant as needed. It also helps by tracking soil moisture, sunlight, temperature, and fertilizer levels to make sure the plant you choose has everything it needs to survive. With information on 8,000 plants, it’s a great gift for the wannabe green thumb in your life.
EERO Wireless Router ($199 – $499)
gift ideas for tech peoplePut the “Net” in your home wireless network. EERO works by using multiple devices that broadcast WiFi throughout your home. It plugs into the modem you already have and can be added upon as needed. Plus, it works on a mobile app which gives you more security and the option of managing internet time with your family.
Beam ($500)
gift ideas for $500A smart projector that can turn any flat surface into a big screen. The Beam is a great family gift. It can be used anywhere you have power or can fit into any light socket. It works by connecting to your smart device to play apps like Netflix. You can even play games with Beam.
If you’ve found a cool new tech item we missed, let us know.  We love to hear about new technology and we just may need to add them to our own wishlists too. Happy shopping!