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CES 2015: New Technology for 2015

Couldn’t make it to Vegas for the 2015 CES Conference?  Neither could we. But we have compiled our top 5 picks of new technology that will be available to you this year.


The ring technologyBringing wearable to the next level, the ring allows you to control your devices with a simple gesture.  This device is fully customizable, especially if you’re a developer.  They offer open URI to make your possibilities endless.


What do you get for the person who has everything? The Soundwall: customizable artwork with a speaker and Wi-Fi imbedded so that you can add beauty to your home, office, or someone else’s space. See art in a whole new and interactive way.


PetcubeDo you feel guilty leaving your dog at home when you go to work? Are you afraid of what your cat might do when you’re gone for the weekend? The Petcube could be for you.  With Wi-Fi connection, a two-way audio system, and a wide angle lens, you’ll be able to see everything that Fluffy is doing while you’re away.


If you are stressed out this year, think about ordering a Melomind to help you reach that Zen state.  The helmet-like device might look a little like something you might have seen on the Jetsons with its futuristic design.  It has the ability to help you reduce stress in as little as 15 minutes by connecting with your brain waves and playing a customized audio track.

Sling TV  

Sling TVCable or Satellite? Maybe you’re simply not about that life. Dish Network is launching Sling TV: an internet TV service.  Sound interesting? It’s a more customizable way to watch the channels you love.  The Sling TV is only available by invitation at this early stage; but, you can put yourself on their invitation list and be one of the first to give it a try.
We may not be traveling by jetpack, but the future of technology is pretty mind blowing. So whether you’re most excited about spying on your pet or beautiful wearable tech, CES has shown that 2015 will be a pretty exciting year in the world of technology.