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Best Technology Gifts For Any Valentine

True, chocolates and roses are timeless, but this year show some love for your significant other with a Valentine’s Day gift that caters to his or her unique interests. Whether your sweetheart is a fashionista, gamer, romantic, or anything in between, these tech-inspired gifts are just what Cupid ordered:

loveyoumorethanvideogamesFor The Gamer: “I Love You More Than Video Games” unBasket
Whether you’re the only gamer in the relationship, or you and your Valentine have plans to nerd out together on February 14th, the “I Love You More Than Video Games” unBasket is a sweet alternative to the traditional box of chocolate. Mints, jawbreakers, sours, Sweethearts, gums, and even an energy drink are creatively combined in gamer-themed tins and wrappings that will remind your loved one how much fun it is to be with you.

20111110-_DSC0122_grandeFor The Photographer: Holga Smartphone Lense Filter  
Are you shopping for a selfie-lover or Instagram enthusiast? The Holga Lens Filter for smartphones is a fun and simple gift that’s sure to create some memorable shots of your 2016 Valentine’s celebration. Crazy colors produce retro-vibed images that simply can’t be replicated using traditional mobile apps. The filters are attached to smartphone cases that come in the same vibrant retro colors.

phase_1_group-shot-lean3For The Fashionista: MICA Smart Bracelet
This gift comes at a steep price, but it’s also the most luxurious tech-ware on the market. Upgrade on traditional Valentine’s Day jewelry with Intel and Opening Ceremony’s “My Intelligent Communication Accessory”. Complete with email, texting, and alert capabilities, the smart bracelet features a curved sapphire touchscreen, and is set in a gold-inlaid snakeskin band. Sound glamorous enough for your sweetheart? The bracelet is also encrusted with unique gemstones.

For The Music Lover: Braven Lux Wireless Bluetooth Speakerdownload
What’s better than a Bluetooth speaker? How about a portable Bluetooth speaker that also serves as a speakerphone and power bank for charging your devices. Not only is this gadget multi-functional, but the uniquely-designed, water-resistant device is small enough to hold in your hand or stash in your bag, and comes in fun metallic colors. The rechargeable speaker boasts a 12-hour battery life that will keep your Valentine’s day playlist going all day long.

31rr9KbJnuL._SY355_For The Romantic: Message In A Bottle USB Flashdrive
Is your partner the kind of person who dreams of finding a message in a bottle washed up on the sand? This small trinket perfectly combines useful and thoughtful to appeal to even the gushiest of dreamers. Instead of writing a traditional card, save a loving letter, memorable photo, or creative video to the USB and score yourself some major props for adding a 21st-century twist to a classic fantasy.

For Both Of You: Miriam Merenfeld QR Code JewelryQRN13 copy 
Romantic, fashionable, customizeable, and complete with gender-neutral style options, QR code jewelry is a great gift for both. These silver and gold necklaces and bracelets combine tech language with romantic messages and come in a variety of styles. The jewelry is double-sided, dawning a unique code on the front while script writing adorns the back.

With over a week left before Valentine’s day, it’s not too late to find the perfect gift for your special someone. We think you can’t go wrong with these unique and thoughtful technology gifts, and only hope your Valentine gets as creative as you did.