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7 Tech Gifts for This Holiday Season

This year, Cyber Monday morphed into Cyber Week, which is good news for you and your favorite techies. If you still have shopping left to do, check out our top 7 techie gifts:
  tech gloves  Tech Gloves
Let’s face it, we live in a cold state and gloves are one of those items that disappear into the black hole- along with socks, bobby pins, and Tupperware.  That’s why Tech gloves have made it onto the list.  Give the gift of something useful and save your friends’ and families’ fingers this winter. Friends don’t let friends choose between warm fingers and candy crush.
bluetooth speaker  Bluetooth Speakers and Bluetooth Headphones
Is your techie a music lover? Many of us like to play music at home, at work, or on the road.  Give the gift of Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones this year because who wants to hassle with cords these days?
portable hard drive  Portable Hard Drive
Is your techie a pack rat when it comes to their computer? Give a portable hard drive or a cloud storage subscription this year and give the gift of storage.
portable charger  Portable Charger
Tale as old as time; our phones never seem to hold enough of a charge to get us through the day. Purchase a portable charger for that special person in your life who can’t seem to get their battery to last through the day.
smartphone lenses  Smartphone Photo Lens
Amateur photographer? If your techie loves to snap photos on their smart phone give them a smart phone lens to offer a whole new perspective for their photographs. There are now a variety of brands and lenses to choose from.
Q Card Case  Q Card Case
Most of us never leave the house without our phones.  Purchase a smartphone case that is also a wallet so that your techie has everything they need in the palm of their hand…or pocket.
tile app  The Tile 
For the techie that has it all or who has maybe lost it all.  The Tile is designed for the person who tends to lose their keys, wallet, etc.  It comes with a small tile that you can attach to items that can be lost.  The small tile has a chip in it that syncs with an app downloaded on your smartphone or tablet.  If you lose your phone…well, some things are beyond our control.

As Cyber Monday Week draws to a close, take advantage of great deals to make your techie’s holiday bright.