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5 Tech Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Fathers-Day-vintageIt can be hard to shop for your dad for Father’s Day. What can you get them besides tools, ties, and grilling utensils? Well, you’re in luck; here are our top 5 choices for tech gifts for dad this year:

Smart Watch: Does your padre like to have all the latest tech gadgets? Keep him up-to-speed with a smart watch.  With so many options, you’ll be able to get him the watch that syncs up to all the devices he currently has or you could get him a Pebble Watch that syncs to Android and iOS devices.

Bluetooth Speakers: Father’s Day falls at the beginning of summer when families are headed to the cabin or are grilling outside.  Every dad wants to rock out to their favorite tunes (even if it’s to your chagrin) so why not get them a portable Bluetooth speaker that is just right for him and his hobbies.

Wallet Ninja: A definite must have for your dad this year.  Help him never be without his trusted tools again.  The Wallet Ninja is 18 tools in one, credit card sized package. It may be on the low-tech side of our gift ideas but it includes a screw driver, wrench, and bottle open to keep pop fixing things where ever he goes.

Automatic Smart Driving Assistant: This device syncs up to his smart device and helps Dad be the best most effect driver he can be.  It tracks fuel efficiency, monitors the health of your vehicle, and gives you helpful data on road trips.

Golf Game App: Help your dad with his golf game by giving him this app for father’s day. He can track his shots, get precise distances of holes and see courses all on his smart device.  Most of the dad’s in our office love golf, which is why we had to make it our number one choice for your Father’s Day gift this year.
You can make his Father’s Day special whether you’re keeping him up-to-date with the latest technologies, helping his golf game, or giving him the gift of music anywhere with these gift ideas.