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Why 2013 is Your Year

Recently Forbes released a list of occupations that require a bachelor’s degree2013 Sparklers Image and that have produced the most jobs post-recession. They called the list the “Top Jobs for 2013” and chose four IT positions for the top ten, and two more to round out the top fifteen. Whether or not you’re in the market for a new position, you can agree that this is good news. We are recovering post-recession with a surge in need for IT professionals and a continued appreciation for the work you do.
Claiming the number one spot on Forbes list is software developers with a 7% growth since 2010, adding over 70,000 positions. The number two job on the list, which went to accountants and auditors, added a little under forty thousand new jobs (37,123) and while that number is large, IT jobs launch ahead. Grouping all IT positions in the top fifteen together, IT jobs have created 151,194 positions since 2010. Check out the job growth rate for the other IT jobs below:
Forbes List of The Top Jobs for 2013 (IT only)

1.  Software Developers (Applications and Systems Software)
70,872 jobs added since 2010, 7% growth
4. Computer Systems Analysts
26,937 jobs added since 2010, 5% growth
6. Network and Computer Systems Administrators
18,626 jobs added since 2010, 5% growth
8. Information Security Analysts, Web Developers and Computer Network Architects
15,715 jobs added since 2010, 5% growth
11. Computer Programmers
11,540 jobs added since 2010, 3% growth
15. Database Administrators
7,468 jobs added since 2010, 7% growth
If you are wearing your job seeking hat this year, perhaps you’ll want to brush up on your skills or take a class to work on one of these focus areas, but you can breathe a bit easier knowing that IT jobs are growing and positions continue to open up.