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What's Your Movember (IT) Personality?

It’s that time of year. Leaves are falling, the holidays are starting and many men are working on growing a mustache. Yes, it’s Movember, which might mean some questions for the mustache-aspiring IT pro. Do you go full-blown beard, mustache and side burns? Or, do you keep it at a subtle shadow? We propose going with the style that best matches your personality and your job.
Find your position or match your personality to make the final choice on how to groom your ‘stache.
The Hulk HoganHorseshoe
This mustache says, “I’m ready for absolutely anything.” It’s a facial hair commitment to standing up to adversity. The IT professional who sports this look will take a tough stance to support his beliefs. We see this look fitting an IT manager who likes being in charge.
Teddy Roosevelt The Cowboy
A renegade mustache with a wild side makes this the perfect ‘stache for a programmer. He is used to blazing his own trail and creating something out of nothing whether it’s in the wild, wild west or on the world wide web. Show everyone that you are ready to blaze your trail by creating websites, software and mustaches.
The Tom SelleckCop
The one guy who can uncover anything when it comes to security. He doesn’t let anything slip under his nose (other than his stylish mustache). We can see these whiskers on a security engineer who can safeguard files and stay up to date with security technologies like it’s his job. Because, well, it is.

Clark GableThe
This is a man whose mustache tells the world he is ready to simplify, bring in order and share ideas. We bet the IT project manager is working on growing this crumb catcher right now. His dynamic personality and willingness to help shows in the slim professionalism of this mustache.
Whether you call it a ‘stach, a soup strainer or a mouth eyebrow, pick the right one for your personality and IT speciality, and express yourself this Movember while supporting the cause.