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Software Engineer the Best Job of 2011

It’s a good time for technology professionals. The growing need for in-house technology development across companies of all industries means high demand for highly qualified IT professionals to fill all sorts of technical positions. For our candidates who are busy job hunting in 2011, Career Cast’s annual ranking of 200 jobs paints a hopeful picture for IT professionals. Software Engineer took the top spot for 2011, with a high hiring outlook, joined in the top ten by Computer Systems Analyst (5). Technical Writer (26), Computer Programmer (27), and Web Developer (44) were all in the top 50. The ranking is not based purely on income, but weighs income with the other four “Core Criteria:” Environment, Outlook, Stress and Physical Demands.
Whether you’re a software engineer, computer systems analyst, or specialize in another area of IT, 2011 promises an increasingly stimulated economy and a positive hiring outlook for IT professionals.