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Looking for a Latte Inspiration?


Working at a cozy coffee shop or bustling diner can be a luxury of working remotely, but did you know that there is another benefit other than unlimited refills?  Coffee shops have a natural noise level to boost your creativity and productivity.

The atmosphere of the coffee shop is actually what helps you stay motivated and focused, not that second or third cup of coffee.  Research suggests that noise levels can help if they are neither too soft or too loud. The noise level of the java house is close to 70 decibels, which according to many studies, is the perfect level of ambient noise. Noise levels have a direct impact on your ability to work and be creative

According to a study, Is Noise Always Bad? Exploring the Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition, published by the Journal of Consumer Research, ambient noise is an important step toward creative cognition.  If you desire to come up with both a creative solution and one that addresses the problem at hand, moderate noise will aid in that pursuit. Even music can help you work more quickly because it improves your mood.

The “aha” moment to a problem in your project or the ability to meet a deadline may be as simple as turning on some ambient noise.  Consider also, that you have to settle into your space.  The creative juices won’t be flowing as readily as the Ethiopian blend until you adjust to your surroundings.

So whether you’re a software engineer customizing software remotely or a project manager in the office, utilize the same advantages. Try some noise like coffitivity, some smooth jazz, or a white noise machine for your next work day and see where your brain takes you.