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Lessons from the Jetsons: Working with Robots

While driving collapsible hover cars by the year 2062 remains a Jetsons fantasy, Rosie, the family’s household robot, and R.U.D.I, George Jetson’s computer, are well on their way toward becoming a reality. With recent buzz about an Amazon delivery drone, and a pending Mega Robots Battle between the US and Japan, bots like Rosie and R.U.D.I – or almost like them – are playing an increasingly important role in the world today. Let the Jetsons show you why this development should build excitement for IT professionals.

Rosie and R.U.D.I are There to Help:

Hate housework? Leave it to Rosie. Or maybe a talking computer like R.U.D.I. will brighten your day. Robots in the workplace are more likely to free up opportunities, not take them away. Forty-seven percent of the current US labor market will one day be replaced by mechanics. If you like having increased career opportunities, this is a good thing. Enthusiasts believe that robots will be the biggest job creators in the future, enhancing the world’s economic investment in technology while freeing up time and space for uncharted careers. Just as technology once turned America’s agricultural economy into an industrial one, so too might inputting new labor forces expand our modern economic and career opportunities in unimaginable ways. So stop seeing new technology as the enemy, and learn to embrace this change.

Jane Jetson Knows How to Innovate:

Like all futuristic, fashion-meets-technology gurus, Jane knows that success requires innovation.  You too should approach the world of IT with confidence, aware of the always-present future opportunities for the robotics, tech, and IT worlds. While technology can be a collaborative aid, it can’t be the creative mind behind newer technologies, ideas, and ways to succeed as an IT Professional– that’s all up to you. By coming up with new ways to approach the expanding robotic industry, or IT as a whole, you’ll make yourself invaluable; there’ll be no need to worry about being replaced by a machine in an increasingly mechanical workforce.

Like Elroy Jetson, You Have the Advantage:

At six and a half, Elroy is already an expert on the world of technology he lives in. Like Elroy, IT professionals are in-the-know when it comes to the newest innovations in technology. Whether you grew up submerged in new inventions or discovered the world of IT in your adult life, your knowledge and skill sets keep you relevant and qualified for positions and opportunities that others are completely unaware of. Maybe they don’t even exist yet. Sixty-five percent of schoolchildren will work in jobs that have yet to be created. And you can bet on a large majority of those mystery careers falling under the blanket of IT. Continue to hone your IT skills and you will have the advantage when these new careers (maybe in robotics) begin to make an appearance.

It seems that the Jetsons may have foretold our futures when the show introduced Rosie and R.U.D.I. to the world. Unthreatening, positive, and fun characters on the show, we need not view their real-life counterparts any differently. Especially as an IT professional, robots in the workplace are nothing to fear. Instead, they are something to look forward to; creating new careers in a market which is already in need of IT professionals. Robots in the workplace could mean increased salaries due to the need for more specialized skills; or robots may take over menial work tasks, thereby freeing up professionals for more “creative” technical careers. The possibilities are endless. So follow George’s lead and see R.U.D.I. as a friend – you will go much further together than you ever would alone.